2019 Beginners fixtures & results

2019 League Table

Final Results Table
Team Played Won Drawn Lost F A Dif Points
Cliff Hale & Brian Norman 6 5 1 0 131 56 75 17
Chris Webb & Colin Rodwell 6 5 0 1 84 56 28 16
Hilary & Stuart Martin 6 4 0 2 88 74 14 14
Derek & Dorothy Blackburn 6 3 1 2 81 65 16 13
Dick Meredith & John Tew 6 2 0 4 71 76 -5 10
Gerry & Monica Curran 6 1 0 5 45 114 -69 8
Nigel Fountain & Julia Lynch 6 0 0 6 37 96 -59 4

Beginners League

   A pairs competition, open to all members with 3 years or less bowls experience (inluding indoor or junior or for another club). Previous league winners are excluded.  Played as a league in an Australian pairs format whereby, the Lead bowls two woods, then changes ends and the partner bowls four woods, then change ends again and bowls the last two woods.
    Matches will be arranged and pre-booked on Monday and Thursday evenings throughout the season, commencing June. Matches may be rearranged at dates convenient to both teams. 
    Fixture lists will be issued in due course
    Cost: £5 per team of two; closing date  26 May 2019
    Depending on the number of entries, there may be more than one league
    Each team may use one substitute player who must not be a member of any other team entered in this competition. The substitute player must be a member of Woburn Sands Bowls Club with 4 years or less playing experience. A list of willing substitute players will be on the notice board. A substitute may play for more than one team
    If both team members are not available to play on the pre-booked date, then please rearrange the fixture. Consult the club diary and the fixture list for availability of a rink, book the time and date of the rearranged match and cross out the pre-booked match in the diary
    Australian pairs: Take turns in leading, the Leads each bowl two woods, then all change ends and the partners bowl four woods, then change ends again and bowl the last two woods 
    Toss for Jack, one trial end of all four woods each unless teams agree otherwise
    15 ends of play. If the match is interrupted, for example due to inclement weather, at least 10 ends must be played to constitute a match. If a match is continued at a later date then the previous score should be carried forward
    All players require chalk and a measure
    First named team will keep the scorecard and place in the envelope pinned to the notice board.
    3 points for a win, 2 for a draw & 1 for a loss.  League results and table will be posted on the notice board at regular intervals