Photos from the deep South

Images I have gathered. 

Invercargill is the Southernmost city in the world - people in the South Island have an "attitude" towards Aucklanders (jafas).

Sunset over the beautiful Maniototo

Some geeky graffiti

This is Milton, who is a little bit special. Check out my blog about him.


 This is the view from my house - and that's the moon.

Clouds above my current house...

and our previous property.

These are our dogs...

Daisy used to be a puppy.

This is where I work sometimes...

and here.

Hi there, my name is Rob and I'm a telecommunications contractor working in the South Island of New Zealand.

I enjoy taking photos, and have amassed a fair few images in my travels.

This is a sample of a few of them, not only the beautiful scenery of Southern New Zealand, but things I have found interesting and some of my rather strange pets - especially Clever Milton.

I hope you enjoy this website, and you might like to check out my blog, which is hosted by a truly excellent website Geekzone.