Wobbly Tooth is an independent video games publisher and developer. 

Ice Station Z for Nintendo 3DS.

Battleminer for Nintendo 3DS.

Toy Stunt Bike 3DS

Toy Stunt Bike 3DS is an enhanced version of the original game that contains 60 levels! (compared to the originals 10).
Running at 60fps in full stereoscopic 3D.

Toy Stunt Bike

The #1 best-selling Xbox Live Indie game!
Toy Stunt Bike was also #1 in the Racing category on iPhone! Race your toy bike through a set of fantastic household levels. Featuring advanced physics for bike and Xbox Avatar and global shared track times.

Toy Stunt Bike 2

Toy Stunt Bike 2 adds a whole new set of tracks and locations as well as an easy-to-use track editor that is fully shareable over Xbox LIVE with other players!


BULKHEAD Survival is an action packed  multiplayer Co-Op game for Xbox Live. Attacked by waves of enemy marines see how long you and 3 friends can survive the onslaught.

Avatar Survival Games

The #1 best selling Xbox Live Indie Game!
Take your Avatar online for see who can survive in this outrageously fun action game!

Saturn 9

Saturn 9 is a sci-fi horror game for Xbox 360 Indie games. Explore the spaceship Saturn 9. Solve puzzles to progress through the ship and uncover the mysterious events that occurred before you arrived.


BULKHEAD is a Xbox LIVE multiplayer game with a very rich atmosphere set aboard a derelict space station. Features online bots, multiple weapons and capture-the-artifact game modes.

Giant Hunter

Another #1 Xbox Live Indie Game!  Go giant hunting with friends online or in single player using your Avatar in a huge block based world! Mine for resources, craft the items you need then set out on an epic adventure together!

Mini Wizards

Mini Wizards is a multiplayer online Xbox 360 Avatar game in which the mini wizards battle it out in miniaturized environments. Featuring spell-casting combat, broomstick flying and global hi score leaderboards.

Vampire Slayer

Vampire Slayer is a fast-paced multiplayer online team deathmatch game. Features asymmetric gameplay of Slayers vs Vampires. One side having guns and the other relying on speed, stealth and strength.

Along Came A Spider

Along Came A Spider is an innovative and original platform game where the whole world is made of silk that swings and reacts to your movement and you will swing, jump and climb your way though the game's puzzles. Released for Xbox 360 and PC.