Wobbly Mouse is a site showing handmade bespoke products that have brought pleasure to make and I hope you enjoy. 

Have become my main passion as there is so much versatility in what and how you can make a card depending on the event it is for, or my mood at the time. In this era of internet and mobile communication it’s easy to forget how nice it is to have something arrive through the post, a card is an easy and versatile way to say hello, I’m thinking of you, keep smiling, what are you up too?  Now don’t get me wrong I love the internet, facebook, twitter and blogs are brilliant however a card is personal from me to you. I use a variety of mediums to create individual cards - coloured and pattened papers and card, tissue, vellum, photographs, accessories. I make cards for - Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, In sympathy, Thank you and blank for your own message.
Is something I remember learning from a little girl, my Gran used to knit allsorts of things and I have recently gained all her old wools and needles as she is no longer wanting to use them.  I have no where near her skill with jumpers and cardigans however I am a scarf-aholic with around 50 of my own. I knit scarves, cushions and tea cosies as these combine three of my favourite things, a snuggly scarf when out in the cold and then a nice cup of tea all snuggled up on a comfy chair all covered in cushions on my return to the warm. 

Candles are something else that I enjoy they seem to always give a relaxed atmsophere, making a room seem warm and cosy.  Be it surrounding you in the bath, on a table for a romantic meal or just because I think I look better in candlelight. I make candles in a variety of shapes, colours and with additions for texture and scent.
My wine charms are made using a variety of beads and charm.
I like to use paper decoupage to adapt picture frames in a variety of colours

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 To order or to discuss commissions email me at wobblymouse@gmail.com
All my products are available to order as they are, or with slight changes e.g. some personalisation - name, age, sentiment - happy birthday, thank you, addition of insert message.
Certain items such as wedding invitations combined with visitors books, orders of service and thank you card packages are made to order, so that colours and embelishments can be changed to suit.



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