Latest news

  • As done in the AAAI main track, we allow for 7 pages (including references) for a long paper.
  • Please submit as described in the e-mail from Carol Hamilton (Nov 23rd)
  • Submission deadline extended [October 30th]
  • New submission option: 2-page papers on work in progress or "just-for-presentation" submissions

Workshop scope

Algorithm configuration is the task of determining settings of an algorithm’s parameters that optimize its performance on a specific type of instances. This task has traditionally been performed by domain experts in a tedious & time-consuming optimization process humans are poorly suited for. Recently, modern algorithm configuration procedures are used to perform this task automatically.
This workshop covers all aspects of algorithm configuration.


Frank Hutter, University of Freiburg
Marius Lindauer, University of Freiburg
Yuri Malitsky, IBM Research