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September 2010

Thursday, September 14, 2010 – 6:00pm

Location: Buffalo State College – Butler Library – Fall Conference Site

Attendance: Carl Alphonce, Sarbani Banerjee , Adrienne Decker, Julie Johnson, Barb Sherman, Deb Sorrentino



·         Minutes from last meeting

·         Nominations for officers

·         CSEA (H.R. 5929)

·         NCWIT Award for Aspirations

·         CL Olympiad

·         Birds-of-a-feather/Poster for SIGCSE (Nov 1 deadline)

·         CS-AP Reader input -- idea - who can do it?

·         NYSCATE - table for WNY-CSTA?

·         Physics Teacher's Association / Recruiting more K12 teachers/counselors

·         Interview video discussion

·         CS-Unplugged Activity

·         Fall Conference Planning

·         Next meeting (time and place) 


Adoption of Minutes from Last Meeting

Motion to approve minutes from last meeting – minutes approved with a few minor changes.

Nominations/Election of Office

Ø  Did the call for nominations go out to “plan” or regular mailing list?

Ø  Nominations and elections need to be completed soon – contact Linda Perel for progress update.


Computer Science Education Act (H.R. 5929)

Ø  We should promote the act with a letter to congressmen, other officials. 

Ø  More information was on CSTA mailing list and possibly on CSTA website.


NCWIT Award for Aspirations

Ø  Scholarships available to girls interested in IT Careers – see NCWIT website for further details and deadlines.

Computational Linguistics Olympiad

Ø  More students interest needed – how can we achieve this?

Ø  First round of competition at UB in February

Ø  Practice problems available for students interested so that there can be some preparation for the competition.

SIGCSE Conference

Ø  Birds-of-a-feather or Poster submission – deadline in November

 CS-AP Reader

Ø  Noticed that another chapter had an AP reader come in and give a “talk” about the AP.

Ø  Would that be of interest?  (Probably for AP teachers)

Ø  Do we know anyone who could come in? (Not currently)


Ø  Should we get a table? 

Ø  Conference is November 21-23 in Rochester. 

Ø  Deadline is November 1st for exhibitors.

 Physics Teacher’s Association

Ø  Has been running locally for many years and has organized monthly activities that can count for continuing education credit. 

Ø  Should we aim to have more regularly scheduled events with this idea (continuing ed credit) in mind?


Sidenote:         How do we recruit more K12 teachers? 

             Would K12 teachers respond to these types of workshops? (Probably yes.)


 Interview Video Discussion

Ø  Where should the videos be housed – best would be on our own website, but we could post them somewhere else if we don’t have the ability to put them on our own site.

Ø  Carl to send out thank you letters for students and faculty involved in last academic year’s interviews.

Ø  If possible, we should try to do one or two more interviews per year to add new content to this project semi-regularly.

 Fall Conference


Ø  Quick survey to distribute at the fall conference

o   when can we meet

o   what can we do for you

o   would you like continuing ed credit seminars


Ø  Report on submissions

o   Sarbani - workshops on Scratch and Alice (1.5 hours each) 10:30-12:00 - scratch; 1:00-2:30 - alice; 2:30-4:00 - both presented

o   Sue – Explorations in computer science class (CSTA K12 curriculum)

o   Barb - Difference between 2 and 4 year programs

o   Adrienne - Greenfoot


Ø  Other Ideas –

o   CS Unplugged

o   CMU Roadshow - can we contact them about coming?

o   Dot Diva - can't come, but could do Skype or Webinar

o   Computation Linguistics Olympiad – Carl

o   ACM Student group - how did they form/what are they working on?

o   Network/Security presentation

o   BOF

o   Office 2010 session from a faculty advocate


Ø  Sponsorship for Fall conference


Ø  Registration should get open now-ish

o   Survey Monkey

o   $10 registration fee

o   Send out email blurb to all of us to get out to people who are interested



There was a final fall conference planning meeting held at Buffalo State College on Monday, October 4th and attended by Carl, Adrienne, Sarbani, Barb, Julie and Sue.  At this meeting, the final program for the conference was set and various methods of advertising were discussed as well as funding for the conference.


 Next Meeting

Barb asked if we could move the meetings to the first or third Tuesdays of the month.  No one had any real issues, so we are aiming for the first or third Tuesday of November for the next general meeting. 

Originally, the discussion was to hold this meeting at Bonaventure, but at the fall conference, many argued for another meeting in the Buffalo area, so place will most likely be near Buffalo, with a meeting in Bonaventure in the spring or summer.