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July 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010 – 2:00pm

Location: University at Buffalo

Attendance: Carl Alphonce, Sarbani Banerjee , Adrienne Decker, Jason DeGroat, Dave Levine, Linda Perel, Barb Sherman



·         Adoption of minutes from May meeting

·         Report on Alice workshop (which didn’t occur due to lack of enrollment)

·         Report on upcoming chapter election

·         Report on Fall conference

Adoption of Minutes from Last Meeting

Motion to approve minutes from last meeting – minutes approved.

Alice Workshop

General Chair: Dave Levine

Discussion Points:
  • Enrollment was too low to run workshop
  • Dave L notified Don Slater – Don indicated that he would be willing to come at some other point if we decided to reschedule
  • Jason notified Nichols of the cancellation – again, we could book again for a future workshop (the fee would have been $250 to use the space
  • Dave noted that several other workshops have been cancelled this summer (AP, Carnegie Mellon’s Java for High School Teachers
  • Should we reschedule?
    • 1-day workshop?
      • Not really enough time to give a good introduction to using Alice in the classroom
    • 2-day workshop?
      • Could work and provide a solid base for teachers wishing to use Alice
      • Would be nice to have a follow on a few weeks after the first two sessions to see/assess progress
      • Schedule the first two sessions (Friday/Saturday) and have participants vote on the utility of the follow-up session several weeks later during the workshop
    • 3-day workshop?
      • Difficult during the school year
  • Need to start advertising at the Fall conference
  • We need an Alice Tea Party at the Fall Conference as a way to introduce the workshop


Fall 2010 Conference Planning

·         Friday, October 15th, 2010 at Buffalo State College – Educational Technology Department will be the host department

·         Room reserved can hold 60 people and can support the serving of lunch and manage breakout sessions.

·         Room reserved 8:30 - 4:30

·         Computer lab is available upstairs from reserved room 

·         Venues for advertising

o   NYSCATE - can we get a message forwarded

o   Bisnet - Independent schools - send email to Jason

o   AP-CS list

o   Deb's group from Niagara County

·         Funding

o   InfoTech Niagara will forward solicitation message for funding for our conferences, Barb Sherman will follow up with this and compose message to be forwarded

o   Funding Levels:

§  Bronze Level - $100

§  Silver Level - $500

§  Gold Level - $1,000

§  Platinum Level - $2,500

§  In kind donations of smaller amounts will also be accepted and recognized

o   Note that we will be asking for funding for our entire year’s conferences, not just for the Fall conference, so sponsors will be recognized for the entire year.

o   Dave L to find out information about tax issues

·         Presentations/Filling the Program

o   Theme: K-13 Computing Education Advancement

o   Send specialized invitations to presenters from last year and ask for participants in a panel session about what the attendees from last year took away from the conference

o   Presentations will be 20 minutes in length again

o   Presenters to submit an abstract for review for appropriateness and publication in program

o   Deadline for presentations will be September 20th so that we have time to produce a program in advance of the conference.  We want the program out on September 23rd

o   Calls for Papers

§  First – July 28th

§  Second – August 25th – also open registration at this time

§  Third – September 10th

o   Conference Registration Fee ($10) to be paid by check and sent to Barb at Buff State.  They are to give the checks to Dave L as one batch closer to the date of the conference

o   We will close registration on October 4th, but would have the opportunity to have late registration

o   Barb will receive submissions for presentations and conference registrations.  Submissions will be reviewed at September meeting and via email after that until the deadline.




·         Elections

o   Required to have annual elections by national CSTA

o   Should be doing elections now-ish

o   Have five positions that need to be elected

o   Nominations Committee Chair – Linda volunteered

o   Duties

§  Call for nominations, send out call on google group and close nominations sometime about two-three weeks after call goes out (send email to wny-csta@googlegroups.com)

§  Nominations should be sent to Linda personally, not the group

§  If someone is nominated by another person (non-self-nomination), the person must be asked if he/she is willing to run

§  Candidates need to put together bios to post

§  Elections will run again through Survey Monkey


 Other New Business


·         NYSCATE - November Conference

o   Will donate table for us to promote WNY CSTA

o   Conference is November 21-23, 2010

·         We will be creating a WNY CSTA-Planning Google Group

o   Initial members:  Adrienne, Carl, Barb, Dave L, Sue, Linda, Sarbani, Deb S, Dave M, Steve

o   Purpose: General emails about meetings and locations and logistics and administrative chapter issues

o   Any chapter member can opt to join this list as well, but it will keep administrative discussion off the main list and organize it better than it currently is.


 Next Meeting

September 14th 2010, 6:00pm-8:00pm

Agenda:  Physically tour the space for the conference  and additional agenda items to be announced


November meeting will most likely be held at St. Bonaventure