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May 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 – 4:00pm

Location: Williamsville North High School

Attendance: Carl Alphonce, Sarbani Banerjee , Adrienne Decker, Jason DeGroat, Julie Johnson, Barb Sherman, Deb Sorrentino



·         January and March minutes

·         Summer Alice workshop

·         Klawe visit report

·         Interview project update

·         Fall conference update

·         Chapter election update

·         Finances

·         2010-2011 plans

·         2010-2011 events to advertise

·         Google sites experience

Adoption of Minutes from Last Two Meetings
Motion to approve minutes from both meetings provided some typos were fixed (fixed at meeting).

Summer 2010 Alice Workshop

General Chair: Dave Levine

Report on Progress/Action Items:
  • Don Slater available in July – fee would be around $1500 for Don’s expense
  • Nichols is charging us $250 for use of school for workshop
  • Brings total costs in the range of $2000 to $2500 when including costs of meals and snacks
  • Alternative to Don is to send Dave to CMU for training – Dave would only charge for travel expenses to go for training, but take no money to run workshop
  • Need minimum cutoffs – if not enough people register, we need to not hold the workshop.  There is also a maximum number of participants (25).  If the workshop is too large, the attendees will not get the benefit of the workshop (and there won’t be enough seats in the room).
  • Should perhaps send out survey to see if we have enough interest in workshop to run if the cost is $150 (total) per person including lunch and snacks
  • InfoTech Niagara contact from Barb Sherman to advertise for this and other CSTA events
  • Google scholarships for CS4HS workshops - should look into competition for next year.


 Outreach Project Update
  • Interviews have happened and tapes are at NCCC for editing – will be posted to group soon for comments/suggestions
  • Maria Klawe was interviewed when she was in Buffalo
  • We want to do a few more interviews during HS exam week in June
  • Need to send thank you’s to interviewees and to Mark Percy at Williamsville North who helped with the equipment
  • We should send letters to the school recognizing the students who conducted the interviews.
  • Where can we host the interviews?
    • Google sites – Barb Sherman to look into it
      • We want students to be able to modify or partially control the content

Maria Klawe – Distinguished Speaker
  • Visited University at Buffalo on Thursday, April 22 to talk as part of UB CSE’s Distinguished Speakers Series
  • Spoke with CSTA members, students, gave interview for our website.


Fall 2010 Conference Planning
Friday, October 15th, 2010 at Buffalo State College – Computer Information Systems Department will be the host department
  • Room reserved can hold 60 people and can support the serving of lunch and manage breakout sessions.
  • Room reserved 8:30 - 4:30
  • Computer lab is available upstairs from reserved room 
  • Venues for advertising
    • NYSCATE - can we get a message forwarded
    • Bisnet - Independent schools - send email to Jason
    • AP-CS list
    • Deb's group from Niagara County
  • Need a call for Papers/Presentations for the Fall Conference - coupled with Alice workshop announcement
  • Submission with abstract this time around (so we have better information for our program)
  • Advertise at fall conference for events for upcoming year
  • Cost was $0 last year, which is nice, but perhaps we should have a small fee (like $10) to try to intice people to actually attend.
  • Possible keynote speakers
  • Rohini Srihari from UB?


Other New Business
  • Elections
    • Required to have annual elections by national CSTA
    • Have five positions that need to be elected
    • Many of the officers willing to run again, but consensus amongst officers and members that we want to make sure that there is turnover  in officers at some point and to encourage a better mix of HS/college faculty on the officer board
  • Finances
    • Chapter bank account report - finances in good shape.  Have positive bank balance
  • NYSCATE - November Conference
    • Table and session for WNY CSTA at conference - Barb Sherman interested in doing something
  • Article in next CSTA Voice about our chapter’s activities.


Next Meeting

 July – during Alice workshop – need to decide which day and time