Western NY Area Churches in Covenant

This is the Home Page the Western New York Churches in Covenant,
an ecumenical partnership between the Western Association of the New York Conference
and the North East Region of the Disciples of Christ.

A Generous Offering

The response to our request for the offering for hurricane relief 
prior to the Western Area Annual Meeting on November 5 was extremely generous. 
The offering was $1,879, which has been sent to 
Present Help Puerto Rico, which is part of the Disciples of Christ.

Our Annual Picnic on August 19th served as a great kick off celebrating Dunkirk's 95th Anniversary. And what a great time it was for over 200 who attended: 

young and old, families and singles, campers and volunteers from all the summer camps. Hats off to the delegation of annual picnic volunteers and Development 

Committee for the great job they did along with our first-rate staff.

Picnickers participated in several popular picnic fund raisers: Chinese Auction of over 20 baskets, a beautiful hand made quilt along with Bills tickets were raffled 

and a 50/50 helped produce nearly $2,000.

A look back at Dunkirk's history shows how every generation has responded generously to the needs of the organization. In the early days it was building the camp 

and adding new facilities. Now our task is to maintain DCC's  lovely grounds and historic structures and continue to offer excellent programs.

The camp fees we collect cover our program and administrative costs but are not enough to provide the resources necessary to maintain our buildings and grounds. 

We need your sustaining support for this.

The Development Committee talked about how great it would be if members of our Dunkirk Family could help us  raise $95,000 during our 95th Anniversary Year.    

Could you help us meet that kind of goal today?

Many of our Dunkirk Family are commemorating our 95th Anniversary by honoring a loved one and/or those who have made or continue to make a difference 

for Dunkirk with an Honoring or Memorial Gift.

We hope you can join the 95th Anniversary celebration in a meaningful way and 

Please make a contribution to Dunkirk today.

Please go to www.dunkirkcc.org and follow the donation prompts or send simply send your donation by mail to camp.

Know that we count on you and are grateful for your timely and essential support.

Your Board of Trustees,

Jay Rich       Jeremy Lopez      Kevin Biddle      Lisa Cummings      Bob Aures      Donna Donner     

 John Kiewit        Kathy Alford       Tim Lipps


                            3602 East Lake Rd. Dunkirk, NY 14048                     716-366-1900                     www.dunkirkcc.com