WNC Fall Prevention Coalition (last updated 01/28/2014)

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Mission Statement: The WNC Fall Prevention Coalition is committed to reducing the number of falls and fall-related injuries in Western North Carolina.

Vision Statement: Lead the nation in reducing the number of falls and fall-related injuries through focused, coordinated effort.

Charter Statement: Committed to a standard of excellence for preventing falls and fall related injuries among older adults in Western North Carolina through infrastructure development and maintenance, community awareness and education, provider education, risk assessment, multifactoral interventions, surveillance and evaluation, and advocacy for supportive policies and environments.
Our site is designed to simplify your search for resources that meet your fall prevention needs. You may navigate by the county in which you prefer to obtain the service (see tabs above) or on the left side navigation by service type, providers that serve every WNC county, or by viewing the Complete Fall Prevention Resource Guide.   
Entity Abbreviations:  ED=Educational GOV=Government COM=Commercial NP=Non Profit
If you are a provider who wishes to update your information, please contact:
 Heather Bauer at hbauer@homeinstead.com.
For a listing of upcoming events, meeting agendas and resources here.
Disclaimer: The WNC Fall Prevention Coalition has taken every effort to locate and identify fall prevention services offered in our region for this resource guide; however, a listing in this guide does not constitute any endorsement by the WNC Fall Prevention Coalition. We strongly encourage any individual interested in these services to use due diligence in order to confirm licensing requirements, recorded grievances, hiring practices, and other pertinent information that would be necessary for you to make the best personal assessment before you make use of them. You may visit www.ncdhhs.gov/dhsr/acls/star/search.asp for nursing home ratings of assisted living and skilled nursing facilities.

WNC Fall Prevention Coalition Member, Carol Gerson Presents the value of Ageless Grace
as a mind/body/soul activity for Fall Prevention (see more under Educational/Exercise Classes and "Other Resources").