Cuckoos Nook and The Dingle

DISTANCE: 1.5 Miles each way


TERRAIN: Woodland, Rural
This Nature Reserve is signposted from Sutton Road B4151. The full walk is a horseshoe shape and can be done as a point to point and return walk or using the Sutton Road a complete loop.

    The Walk Starts Meters from the old Three Crowns Pub on the B4145 Sutton Road. There is a small brown sign to the left of the pub Cuckoos Nook and the Dingle. This is where this walk begins. Passing through a gate, The first part of the path was lined with stinging nettles and had many trees to the left and fields to the right, Soon arriving at a style, you cross a few meters through a field and across another style to pick up the main pathway again. There is a main pathway to follow with signs for the Geology Trail with other walks crossing and leaving the path. The route also makes up part of the Beacon Way. Follow the Geology Trail and eventually you come to a fork in the path at some woodland, we turned left at this fork and eventually we arrived at a sign at the far end of walk for Cuckoos Nook and continued straight ahead across two fields which is public footpath and part of Beacon Way which lead back out onto Sutton Road. There are many types of tree along this route, steps and small bridges, marshland, small brooks. Great Walk for all the family.

Cuckoos Nook Trail

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