Second International Workshop on Multi Product Line Engineering
held in conjunction with SPLC 2014, 16 September 2014, Florence, Italy

The workshop is cancelled.

Workshop summary

In modern industrial settings, software systems are rarely developed by a single team, or even by a single organization. For software product lines, this means that various players (e.g., teams, organizations, or open source communities) are involved in providing and integrating the assets used in their production. Moreover, it is not uncommon that these assets themselves are developed as product lines, a practice which is referred to as multi product lines. This distribution of reusable assets across teams and organizational boundaries leads to numerous challenges, such as inconsistent configuration, costly and time-consuming integration, diverging evolution speed and direction, and inadequate testing.

This workshop focuses on addressing the specific challenges involved with managing the development and evolution of multi product lines, systems-of-systems, software ecosystems, and ultra-large-scale systems, and the assets that are used for their production. This includes the challenges that are related to the coordination and collaboration of organizational units that produce and use the assets.