WMS Map Viewers for Android


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Available in Google Play
WMS Map Viewers are map viewing applications for web services that use the WMS protocol. The applications are available in two editions the free edition and the advanced "plus" edition. They both are compatible with all modern versions of WMS, ensuring an advanced and comfortable user experience.
WMS Viewer plus is equipped with more embedded connection and more advances features and it is also ad-free.

You may store connections to many web map services and while viewing a geographical area to switch among them or to display them as overlays one over the other creating multi-layer maps.

You may switch or overlay embedded connections of NASA, Australia, Spain, Austria, European Soil Data Center, MapQuest street map and weather prediction maps. And if available, you may also view the legend of each map.

Share the map that you view exactly as you view it in Social Media. Friends and partners will view you posts with your maps without the need of any special software.
Clicking on any location on the map displays its coordinates.