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Board Members

**We are looking for some people interested in promoting participation in the chapter meetings and events, and for general input and planning.**
Board Members & Committee Chairs 2018-19

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Peggy Frizzo, President,
Competition Co-Manager

Peggy is a technical writer at Dematic Corp, a material handling company in Grand Rapids. She primarily documents Dematic's software products.

Peggy earned a B.S. in English from Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana. She previously was a technical writer and trainer for companies that installed educational technology systems throughout the United States.

Sandy Balkema,
Vice President, Competition Co-Manager 

At Ferris State University, Sandy Balkema teaches writing at all levels, from developmental and freshman composition to advanced technical writing. She is the coordinator of the Technical and Professional Communication (B.S) Program and teaches editing and project management courses for the program.

Sandy is a Senior Member of the Society for Technical Communication and has won several teaching awards, including the Teaching Excellence Award and Michigan Association of Governing Boards (MAGB) Award. 


Tim Slager, Treasurer  

Tim documents materials handling software, hardware, and controls for Dematic Corp. Before that, he defined and classified construction products for McGraw-Hill.

After earning a bachelor's degree in classical languages from Calvin College, Tim worked as a copy editor at a local newspaper and then spent seven years as a literature developer in Liberia, West Africa.

Stephanie is a Technical Publications Lead for Fair Isaac Corporation. Fair Isaac (FICO) is a decision management solutions provider based in Minnesota. Stephanie works with the Collections & Recovery group out of Colorado writing all of their documentation and online help for the Colorado-based products and ensuring that the UI meets company standards. She is fortunate to be able to work from her home in Michigan.
Stephanie graduated with a B.S. in Scientific and Technical Communication from Michigan Tech in 1988 and has worked as a technical writer, with side responsibilities of trainer, product manager, QA analyst, and interface designer ever since. She started in STC when she was in college.

John Auchter  

John graduated from Michigan Tech with a B.S. in Scientific and Technical Communications and has over 25 years experience working in related fields (writer, illustrator, editor, trainer, designer).

In addition and not completely unrelated to technical communications, John is a freelance cartoonist with clients ranging from newspapers and magazines to businesses and commissioned work. Check his website at