What is Medieval day?

Medieval Day is an enrichment activity planned for our seventh graders to experience life in the middle ages. First, to get in the spirit of things, our students will begin dressing like the folks of the times. This can include Knights, peasants, royalty, and clergy. Anything reminiscent of the movie Robin Hood is a good start. Next, students will have the opportunity to see the best costumes of each team with the competitors wearing recreated costumes from the time period. After that, students will get to participate in activities that challenge them mentally, physically, and focus on using teamwork. It’s a great day for all of the students and one they have reported to enjoy immensely.


All school rules apply with a specific emphasis on the following rules:

No hats on in stands
    - you may only wear hats at the beginning of the costume contest
No booing students
    - practice special courtesy to peers and adults
Use indoor voices
No stomping on the bleachers
Remain quiet during announcements
No gum/candy in gym
No Ipods, phones, mp3 players, cameras
Remain in seats
Follow the Master of Ceremonies directions
Clothing must be appropriate to Middle Ages
    - No low cut clothing
    -No hats worn except for costume contest
    -Shoes must be worn at all times