Welcome to Second Chance Reading! This research-based course is designed to improve students' reading abilities through modeled and guided practice of various reading strategies, as well as collaborative comprehension tasks, independent reading practice, and vocabulary development.


Readers Theater
Co-op Comp
Inductive Thinking
Dictated Writing
Round Table
Skills Lessons
iPad Apps
Short Stories
    The Necklace
    Last Spin

In SCR, the focus is on higher order comprehension tasks in fiction text and nonfiction text: but vocabulary, fluency, and reading rate are addressed as well. Based on comprehension analysis of research on reading, SCR combines multiple strategies and practices into a structure for reading instruction.

Second Chance Course Elements

  • Teacher Reads
  • Read Aloud
  • Cooperative Comprehension
  • Dictated Writing
  • Silent Reading/Vocabulary
  • Fluency/Comprehension Tests
  • Pair Share
  • Jamestown Timed Readings

Students are expected to read at home for 20 minutes per day, 6 days each week, and record their reading on a reading log. Reading logs are turned in each Monday and are a substantial part of students' grades.

How are students selected for the reading program?
Students who meet one or more of the following requirements should be considered for intervention within the reading program at West Marshall High School:
ITED/MAP score consistently below proficient in reading/writing (below 41% national percentile rank)
Standford Diagnostic Reading Test
* Teacher/counselor referral
* Parent referral