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Born in Münichen Deutschland and grew up in Michigan, traveled back and forth to Europa throughout the years. I thank my mother for doing her best to give me many experiences and opportunities in life.

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Foto Received my first camera at the age of 9, a cheap Ansco® point and shoot with Christmas money, and then built a darkroom and experimented with photography. By age 12 for my birthday I purchased a used Minolta® 303b European model in Gräfing with my Mom while there for the summer, (English version was 101b). I found a hobby I enjoyed and homed my skills throughout the years, taking photography when it was offered in 8th grade, and again in College, only to learn as much as possible. These days I work in video productions, print and advertising as a Freelance Photographer and Camera Operator, member of the National Press Photographers Association.

My mother was a talented artist in all forms, fashion drawing, calligraphy, and design. She inspired me to draw from the time I could hold a pencil, ripping all the blank pages from my Golden Books to draw on when I ran out of paper. I treasured my brown lunch bags over the cool lunch box I had, because they would have an original drawing on it done by Mom of whatever I wanted, then I would reuse it until it got soiled.

At the age of 6 I was taking water color classes at a local museum. And there after signed up for any art class I could, I was alright but it took much practice to get where I am today. Now I can reproduce some of the master painters work in water color.

Graphic Design and Web Design just came natural, but the web came first. Yes I started designing web sites and learning the whole "e" thing first, then took classes in computer html, but graphics or Photoshop CS gave me the ability to create original content for the web, I already could draw and paint, but learning from Randy Crawford (Professor) was a good experience. After years of learning different applications I started isbcn.com 2005 for web design for business and entertainers, while building my own brand of web sites online then launched ÜberVisual in 2007, a personal portfolio for wmprofoto© photography and video productions.

While plugging away at my degree in Broadcast Electronic Media I became comfortable editing video and sound, I had worked previously with video in the analog form, but digital or linear made it possible for a person to make high end productions with effects on a small budget. I purchased the new equipment and had it before TV station had converted completely to linear editing. I have since updated in 2008 to HDTV Cameras 1920 x 1080 wide screen. I also freelance for other production companies, as a Camera Operator, Director of Photography and Editor in their endeavors, while working on my projects. I also will hold the hat as Director, Producer in Music Videos for Independent Musicians, Independent Films, Documentaries, Instructional and Viral Videos.

Marketing By the age of 21 I was pushing Rain Forest Dried Fruit and Recycled Goods. At 25 I developed a product for retail sales and started taking orders from Real Goods Trading Co., and was featured in several catalogs, circulated in the 50 States, Canada and Puerto Rico. In the same year my company developed a Marketing Campaign for a Federal Credit Unions' VISA™ Card Department, redesigning their literature and VISA® Card. Along with Graphic work for the Rails to Trails and other Organizations, Businesses and Individuals.

Focus • I am a Freelancer that works with Advertising Firms and Individual Clients. These days I tend to lean towards Video Productions a Cinematographer, Director, Producer and Editor, while using my skills in Photography for Stock Imagery for use on the web amd print.  Art coming when I have time, and there it waits. Marketing comes with the territory, and everything else is just another option or experience that I take from time to time, a way to pass the time while it's on my side.

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