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A challenge !!

posted 20 Jun 2010, 23:43 by Lex van Rooy   [ updated 21 Jun 2010, 00:10 ]
Whilst Alexey is putting the finishing touches on issue 2, we are also looking forward to the content of Warmuster issue 3. With the ongoing VeeToo-proces to consider we figured that it would be helpfull to get a lot of input from you guys!  So we will have a challenge!!

The main subjects for Warmuster #3 will be scenery & scenarios. We challenge you to come up with a playable scenario, or scenario-driven campaign. This may be derived from a "historical" WHFB setting, or any other source, tailored to specific armies or a generic scenario for a certain point-cap. The one thing it can not be is published in any format before! The Warmuster redaction will make a short list selection from the entries and combine those to become Warmuster issue 3. After publication we will run a poll over a certain period of time (to allow you to play the scenarios!!) to determine a winner.

We know that writing and playtesting a scenario, creating the maps and possibily a battlereport to go with your entry will take some time, so the deadline for the competition is november 1st 2010.
Entries can be sent to
Oh yeah....  with a competition there should be a prize for the winner (or winners)! Now I hope you understand that we are not GW, and able to give away complete armydeals, but I have aquired some stock over the years that I think will make for some interesting giveaways. Teases will follow over the competitionperiod.
I almost forgot !!

ALL entries willl be hosted on Warmuster AFTER the end of the competition!