Over the last two years we have set up a playtesting community to look into potential areas of change in the Warmaster rule set and created a web-based platform for collecting and sharing gaming information. Since we started that effort we have had a lot of global communication (members of the Warmaster Playtest Team come from a variety of countries and backgrounds) and created a more or less structured approach for going over the various areas. The first result you should have already seen, as we produced a set of errata for the LRB (Living Rule Book, the online version of the rules on the GW site) and the current Armylists.

The proposed second step of the project was to extract the rules and have a document that only showed the rules and rules interaction. This step was meant to be a platform to launch into “Stage 3”, where we would actual start testing some real changes to the rules. However this has been put “on hold” for a bit. So we figured that, with the structure already created, we could produce something else in the meantime that would be of use to the community at large and could actually be put to use to “dry run” some of the community feedback mechanisms.

And thus we started on the project which resulted in this site and the document(s) you now have before you, amongst which a set of alternative (fan) armies, some of which are experimental enough to be given a spin by all Warmaster players out there.
Long overdue, so most of this will be old news to regular visitors, but Warmuster is now also the home of Warmuster - the Fan-Zine and the base for the playtest teams VeeToo development. Check out the relevant sections !!

Have fun!

(and be sure to send us your feedback!!)