Teachers and Support Staff

Meet your Wm. Finch teachers and school support staff.   Alphabetical by last name.

Marisol Bobadilla

Thursday Counselor/ College Adviser

email: mbobadilla@glenncoe.org

She will be onsite every Thursday to assist in the development of our students.  
If you would like to make an appointment to talk, to vent or just introduce yourself, she has a mail box in the office up front for notes, letters and appointment requests.  The box/cubby is a perfect place to quietly leave things.
Getting help for personal or social concerns, for scary situations and hard times does not make you weak, it makes you strong for stepping out to get help.  It gets better!    

Rachel Brunengo

Transition Aide/GAFE coordinator/Website Coordinator

phone: (530) 865-1683 x4750

email: rbrunengo@glenncoe.org

Rachel is our school's aide for all grades and all subjects in the computer lab. She's here for student help, website design, computer assistance, clerical jobs and homework questions.  She will be in our Transition Room at the end of the hall every school day 8am-3pm, overseeing student's progress, giving assessments and updating our websites regularly. 


Annette Jefferson

English/IS Teacher

phone: (530) 865-1683 x3526

email: ajefferson@glenncoe.org

Ms. Jefferson is an independent study teacher, classroom teacher of our English courses, college prep adviser. She is very committed to making sure students succeed.    We also couldn't get our Spring Fling and Graduation put together without her incredible hospitality skills.

Lisa Morgan


phone: (530) 865-1683 x2530

email: lmorgan@glenncoe.org

Mrs Morgan is our wonderful principal.  She is on campus Monday through Friday in her office providing the best guidance, knowledge, documentation and communications that we could ask for.  If she is not at her desk, she is helping provide the best options for our school through meetings, conferences and trainings.  We would be lost without her.  

Elaine Pimentel

Math/ Aca Deca / IS teacher

phone: (530) 865-1683 x3528

email: epimentel@glenncoe.org

Mrs. Pimentel  teaches five sections of math, coaches our championship Academic Decathlon team, leads the Elementary group activity and has a group independent study students as well!  Aren't we lucky to have her?

Lauri Touchette

Art/ Photo/ Drama/IS

phone: (530) 865-1683 x2508

email: ltouchette@glenncoe.org

Mrs. Touchette is our art, drama, photo/video and independent study teacher..  She has sections of visual and performing arts classes available to all of our students as well as big smiles and laughs along the way.   Be a part of a play, use new art mediums, make something beautiful, join her classes! 

Rod Boone

Social Studies / Basic English / IS

phone: (530) 865-1683 x3605

email: rboone@glenncoe.org

Mr. Boone is taking IS students, teaching onsite social studies and English Support for students getting their foundations in place.   

Richard Gambetta

Science/ Stained Glass/ IS

phone: (530) 865-1683 x2505

email: rgambetta@glenncoe.org

Mr. Gambetta is a taking on bigger/better things!  He'll be leading a stained glass course where students will learn elements of art and safety techniques necessary for quality projects. He teaches a STEM club working with physics and building challenges. His other courses include Biology and Chemistry.  He is knowledgeable, patient, and works with students of all backgrounds, levels and needs. 

Brenda Ligas

Administrative Assistant

phone: (530) 865-1683 x2500

email: bligas@glenncoe.org

She is our budget balancing, data collecting, awesome organizer, information center!  Come say hello to Mrs. Ligas.  She'll help you out and keep us all on track.  We appreciate her so much!

Chris Mullins

CTE teacher/ Audio-Visual technician 

email: cmullins@glenncoe.org

Mr. Mullins is the coordinator and supervisor of Studio 129, our local recording studio.  He is well versed in sound management, audio software and the usage of recording technology.  

Georgia Oxford

Special Education


Ms. Oxford will be joining us to support and structure students' successes with IEPs and education needs here at school.
She will be on campus on Thursdays for meetings, lesson building and conferences with families.  
Make sure to introduce yourself, ask questions and set up a session for your IEP students of all grades to see the benefits of specialized learning.

Wendy Stewart

CTE Teacher / Photo Instructor 

email: wendy.stewart@wmfinch.org

Wendy is our new Photo Journalism teacher, giving lessons, hands on projects and tons of knowledge to our students look into Visual Arts.

Elizabeth Trevino


phone: (530) 865-1683 x2501

email: etrevino@glenncoe.org

Elizabeth is our school's biggest asset, she keeps us afloat and on track. This year Elizabeth will be focusing on the paperwork end of things. She will be the person in charge of transcripts, enrollment, cumulative files, test registration, Smarter Balanced coordination and so much more!  Thank you, Elizabeth!  Please call her extension for student absences.