607 E. Tehama St.
Orland, CA 95963
Located behind the Butte College building off of Highway 32.
865-1683  Ext 2500
Mission Statement
The mission of Wm. Finch Charter School is to provide a rigorous and supportive learning environment with a highly qualified faculty and staff committed to nurturing and
developing the intellectual, physical, emotional and moral capacity of each student through student-parent-teacher-community partnerships.

Please vote on the Yearbook Covers!
Vote ends this week!

Every Tuesday is Tshirt Tuesday!  
Wear your future and show your pride!

Bring your planner every day.
Transition Room open 8-3pm.
(No food and drinks, must be closed on the back counter)

Wm. Finch Expected Schoolwide Learner Results
(The 21st Century Educated Person) 
Students who enroll in Wm. Finch will be:
  • Self-motivated, Competent, Life-long Learners who:
    • are prepared for the option of enrolling in a four-year college or entering the workforce. 
  • Confident, Knowledgeable Citizens who:
    • have the skills to make educational choices for his/her success in the political, cultural, and intellectual life of our nation and the global society. 
  • S/He will have achieved or have an understanding of:
    • technological literacy
    • communication skills
    • health
    • aesthetic sensibility
    • critical thinking
    • social, environmental, civic, and multicultural responsibility
    • strength of character
    • academic competency based on state standards, within the state- mandated framework

!Attention Parents!
A court case is occurring that allows individuals to access 
your student's records. 
To opt out and remove permission of your personal records, 
click the link below as part of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
To see more about this, check recent announcements.

Recent Announcements

  • CANDY!!
    The Transition Room has a brain game to play. If you're done with your work, see Rachel. Winner gets a free candy from the jar up front!
    Posted Sep 1, 2017, 8:59 AM by Wm. Finch
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Student Success

  • Check out our latest student writing samples!
  • New year This year will have many new types of learning, a-ha! moments and assignments that spark your interest.  There will be old friends, new friends, classes to love, posters and projects.  It's going to be a wonderful year!
    Posted Aug 18, 2014, 8:46 AM by Wm. Finch
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  • Uh Oh It seems I got waaay behind on Fun Facts and Words....I will do my best next year!
    Posted Jun 11, 2015, 5:39 PM by Wm. Finch
  • Word of the Week Aghast (adj)\uh-gast\Definition: to be filled with a sense of shock or horror.Example: The students were aghast to see how many lessons they had to do on OdysseyWare.Example 2: Rachel would be aghast if no one came to claim their prize before Winter Break; all they had to do was draw a snowflake and write a short poem about it.
    Posted Dec 2, 2014, 8:19 AM by Wm. Finch
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Would you like to play a game that ONLY benefits and can't be lost?  Do you want to donate to charity by showing how smart you are?  
Go onto Free Rice
Current rice count  : 195,200!!
Our school has a login account to track progress, collect donations of rice for hungry people around the world and show the community how deeply we believe in education bettering the lives of others.
Login:  WmFinch
pw: wmfinch

Need a little help learning about a keyboard?