My Documents

Various things posted to the web for all to see.

My Ronnies Entry: Secrets in Suburbia. (PDF) This game is so-so; a mixture of InSpectres, Primetime Adventures, Full Light, Full Steam and My Life with Master. Gregor Hutton wrote Best Friends as an entry for the same competition, and that's way better than this!

My Game Chef '06 Entry: Champions of the Gods. (PDF) John Harper's superb AGON came out at around the same time, and does everything this game does a hundred times better.

And DieselCityDrivebys (PDF) is my Game Chef '08 Entry. It's my attempt at doing a GTA-style gangland crime-spree roleplaying game. The art is by Jason Morningstar.

My oWoD Vampire Houserules. (PDF) Basically, a rip-off of Keys from The Shadow of Yesterday by Clinton R. Nixon.

Dogs in the Vineyard Stuff

My one sheet introduction to the game. (PDF)

My custom character sheet. (PDF)

Using Dogs in the Vineyard for Firefly. 

I have  written up some conversion rules so you can play in the Firefly/Serenity universe with the Dogs in the Vineyard rules. There's also an two example jobs to illustrate those rules in action.