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Windows Mobile

Androkkid User Interface

WMD-Soft delivers themes and widgets for the Microsoft Windows Mobile Androkkid shell, developed by SimoSoft Projects. Androkkid is highly configurable, fast, stable and has a small footprint, and is - in my opinion - the best Windows Mobile shell available at the moment (I've tried the alternatives listed below). It is based on Google Android. Androkkid supports themes, with which you can make it look like the HTC's Hero with Sense interface, or the Google Nexus One.

Next to using it as a program launcher, you can add widgets to increase its usability and get information without having to launch an application. Androkkid itself comes with a number of usefull widgets. Other widgets can be found on this site and in the more Androkkid widgets section of this site.

The widgets provided here are as-is. Some widgets require a file to unlock all features or to use the widget. You can download an unlimited unlock file in the Download section below.
If you run into problems trying to add or run a widget, please use the XDA-developers forum for Androkkid widgets.

Note: you can download a single zip containing all widgets in their latest version (see Download section below).