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WMD-Weather is a weather application with multiple weather and weather & clock combined widgets.
See below for more details.
Please consult the FAQ for specific information or questions.


Screenshots (more screenshots here and in the FAQ):


Main features (v1.6.4):
  • today's (current) weather information (temp, reel feel, wind, min/max temp, sun rise/set, rain amount)
  • 6 day forecast with day details (see screenshots above)
  • just about any location is supported 
Note: when adding a location, you can add the country or country code to get more accurate (and less) results back to choose from. E.g.: "New York, US"
  • 'My location' is a special, predefined location that changes automatically to where you are (this feature requires location via network provider or GPS enabled). You can add it when adding a location. It will appear just above the location input field (once added, the option will no longer appear, until 'My location' is removed)
  • Via the app's menu you can manually update, set an update frequency, add or remove locations, set the temperature scale preference, ...
  • pollen and air quality information for today (US only) in the details screen
  • satellite image for today's details
  • 12/24 hrs format support (via the Android 'Date & Time' preferences)
  • Notifications: optional temperature in the notification bar, together with weather info in the notification drawer (configurable via the app's Preferences menu)
  • Android 3 (Honeycomb) and 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) support with widget previews
  • Widgets: (all widgets have multiple click zones to open the app, a forecast day's details, the widget preferences or a custom action)
    • 1x1 weather & clock widget: the smallest weather & clock combination with:
      • current weather icon and temperature
      • today's forecast hi & lo temp
      • optional clock with choice of digits
      • background (optional)
      • custom clock action: launch an app when tapping the clock minutes digits
      • tap the clock's hour digits to enter the widget preferences
    • 2x1 weather forecast home screen widget:
      • the current information
      • the next day forecast
      • (optionally) the last updated timestamp
      • a number of optional backgrounds are available
      • tapping the next day forecast icon will bring up the widget's preferences, allowing you to modify them
      • enter the widget preferences via the next day forecast icon
    • 4x1 weather & clock widget:
      • the features described above for the 2x1 forecast widget
      • choice of downloadable digit styles
      • choice of downloadable backgrounds
      • optional date
      • optional next alarm info (when the alarm is changed, the info will be refreshed with the next clock update; i.e. max. 1 minute delay)
      • optionally set the application to open when the clock's minutes digits are clicked
      • clicking the next day forecast icon will bring up the widget preferences for modification
      • enter the widget preferences by clicking the clock's hour digits
    • 4x2 Seb's weather & clock widget:
      • large clock with current weather info
      • optionally set the application to open when the clock's minutes digits are clicked
      • tapping the weather icon will open up the app
      • choice of downloadable digit styles
      • choice of downloadable backgrounds
      • choice of downloadable weather icons
    • 4x1 Seb's weather widget:
      • weather only widget
      • 4-day forecast and current weather info
      • per icon you can select the main location forecast or another weather location
      • choice of downloadable weather icons
      • choice of downloadable backgrounds
      • tapping an icon will take you to the day's details in the app
      • widget preferences are accessible by tapping in the widget
    • 4x2 'Advanced' weather & clock widget:
      • all 4x1 clock features
      • second row with 3 positions. For each position the next forecast day for the main location or another location from the available locations can be choosen. If another location is choosen, the location's current conditions and time (and day if this isn't the current day) are displayed
      • enter the widget preferences by tapping the hour digits
    • 4x2 'In Style' weather & clock widget
      • 4-day forecast
      • current conditions
      • clock (with the device's or the widget location's time)
      • set a clock action via the widget preferences (executed when the clock's minutes digits are clicked)
      • enter the widget preferences by clicking the clock's hour digits

  • the downloaded backgrounds, weather icons and digits are stored on the SD-card. When the SD-card is not available (e.g. while booting or when connected to a computer), the widget will not display the background and use the default icons and digits. As soon as the SD-card is back available, the widget's view will be updated
  • when the clock widget preferences are loaded, the list of applications has to be loaded. This is executed in the background, while the preferences screen is already available. However, when clicking on the clock click action preference, the list may still be loading. When loading has finished, the current (empty) list has to be cancelled and the opton has to be clicked again to select an application
  • app on SD-card: with Android 2.2 (Froyo) it's possible to install apps on the SD-card. However, if you do, after a reboot the widgets may no longer start or be available. The app should be installed in internal memory. When moving the app from SD-card to internal memory, the widgets will be missing until you reboot your phone. Only then, the widgets can be added and will remain available, even after rebooting the phone
  • allthough we try to get the app as robust and fullproof as possible, it may still contain issues. If you stumble on a potential bug, please consult the FAQ or send us an mail (wmd.soft@gmail.com) with as much information as possible regarding the actions you did. If the problem is recurring, you can activate debug logging and mail the log, providing us with more usefull information.

Google Market comments & bug/issues reports:
  • please feel free to comment and rate the app and widgets in the Google Market
  • however, please don't report bugs or ask questions via market comments. It is not possible to communicate with you via the Google Market comments. Instead, send an e-mail to report an issue or ask a question. This way we can do whatever needed to solve your problem or answer your question. If you find you didn't get a satisfying response, you can still comment this in the market (just give us a chance first :o).

Supported devices:
  • Android 2.1 and higher
  • low screen resolutions (low dpi screens) may experience problems with the widget background or the widgets not displaying fully. For now, this is confirmed on the HTC Wildfire with HTC Sense. Please try the lite version (WMD-Weather Lite) with the 5-day trial for the clock weather widget, before deciding to purchase the full version! Please not that the lite version is based on an older version; the lite version will get it's update soon as well
  • the application has been tested on HTC Desire, HTC Legend and emulators in different resolutions and configurations.