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ShiftOne of my favorite Windows Mobile games has been ported to Android!
More info can be found on XDA-Developers.

Jewels is a simple, yet quite polished and fun match-3 puzzle game. It's addicting and has global leaderboards!  
 Angry Birds

Great game! Love it! My personal favorite.

The Angry Birds fan site...

Save the bird is a simular game.
Download Angry Birds


Kinda the same concept as Jewels, but with nice looking (funny) graphics.  

the classic bubbles games, but with new challenges.   
Sea Battle

classic game with nice graphics. I use to kill the time now and then...   
City JumpCity Jump is executing mysterious task, jumping between buildings, to avoid obstacles on the wall, to kill all enemies on the way.

* Tap screen to jump from one side to the other
* Kill enemy by jumping in the air
* Avoid hurdles on the wall
* INVINCIBLE SUPER MAN when killing 3 enemies of the same category in a row

Robo Defense

Robo Defense is the ultimate portable tower defense experience. Featuring open maps, upgradeable towers, stat upgrades, achievements, and nice graphics. The free version features 1 map with 11 difficulty levels.
Dante: The Inferno

As Dante, the heart-broken hero, you embark on an epic adventure. Dante Inferno:
- 121 levels
- 14 achievements
- >6 hours of fun
- 2 endings
- customizable control

Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam is a very addictive puzzle game. The objective of the game is to get the yellow car out of the traffic jam. Sound simple, but incredible challenging at the difficult level.

The game contains 5000 levels, guarantee hours of entertainment. 

3 Themes included:
- Car park
- Harbor
- Ice block