WMDROC/World Muscular Dystrophy Removing-Out Center

 This center was established  by the one of  Korean Buddhist monk, Sonsu Kim who developed exclusively the theories and technique for curing and removing-out any kinds or/and types of muscular dystrophy completely and professionally in human bodies in order to secure human-beings life from these kinds of diseases.  
 The curing theories and the removing-out technique concerning with MD which the center has possessing only exclusive in the present world, can be applied also any kinds or/and types,  circumstances, race, age, of  MD diseases or/and MD patients regardless to any restrictions. 
 If any visitor has any questions or/and need get more detailed informations,  gives to this e-mail
 contact tmsla001@gmail.com,  tmsla001@naver.com  otherwise leaves coment on  http://wmdroc.blogspot.com/http://cafe.naver.com/wmdroc ( only for Korean member)  
2. WMDROC /世界筋ディストロフィー退治センター​開設の目的とその趣旨