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Our Next Event:
                April 22, 7:30 PM, LaVale Library
                           Mesoamerican Culture
by Joe Weaver

        Parallel with the earliest civilizations in Mesopotamia, the Mediterranean and East Asia, a sophisticated urban culture appeared in southern Mexico and Central America. At its peak, its population stood at about 25 million; it had cities with monumental stone architecture, writing, math, art, religion and sophisticated political and economic organization.
        This civilization disappeared, much was forgotten, and the land reclaimed by nature. Evidence of this civilization is being uncovered, mostly by archaeologists, and the mysteries unraveled.
        Joe will talk about the extent and nature of this civilization.

***Election of Officers to be held:
Candidate for President Roy Brown, Vice President Brent
Chippendale & Secretary/Treasurer Darlene Frederick.

***The day after the program, April 23, 11:00 AM, folks are invited to participate in the roofing of the Shade Shelter adjacent to the Wigwam at Rocky Gap State Park.
This will begin the 2nd season of programs on Native American lifeways
at the Group Camping Area next to the Aviary.



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The Western Maryland Chapter of the Archeological Society of Maryland was established to educate and encourage amateur archeologists by conducting field sessions, weekend digs and hosting guest speakers on a wide range of archeological topics. Projects such as the excavation of the Late Woodland sites in Cresaptown and Barton's in Allegany County and Sang Run in Garrett County have created a growing interest in our local cultural resources.