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 Welcome to 2021
              We look forward to a return to something resembling normality this year, that
may come by late spring or early summer. Therefore we have decided to
suspend the payment of dues for 2021. If you have already sent in your 2021
dues, you may have that applied to 2022 or request a refund.

Our Secretary/Treasurer Krista Morris is relocating out of the area and we will need to fill her position. Anyone interested in the position please contact Roy Brown at cody1coyote@yahoo.com. Krista has been a real asset to the Chapter over the past 2 years and we wish her great success. Thank you Krista.


Wigwam Programs at Rocky Gap State Park

Native American Encounters

Rocky Gap State Park will sponsor an event that highlights the culture of the American Indian on  September 4, 2021  at 11:00 AM in the Group Camping Area.

Roy Brown will conduct a youth oriented program held at the Eastern Woodland Wigwam constructed in 2015.

There will be demonstrations of Indian crafts, hands on activities for the children and Native American storytelling.

Bring your son, daughter, niece, nephew or grandchild todiscover the rich culture of the first residents of our are area. 


Chapter meetings will resume on September 24, 2021

In person gatherings will resume at our September 24 meeting at the Unitarian Fellowship Hall at 211 S. Lee Street in Cumberland.  Look for details in the September Newsletter.


From I68 westbound take exit 43A, Beall St. bear right and the Fellowship is the first building on the right. Entrance to the parking lot is immediately before you get to the building. 

From I68 eastbound take exit 43A, Johnson St., bear left. At traffic light turn left onto Greene St. Go 2 blocks to the next traffic light and turn left onto S. Lee St. In the second block the Fellowship will be on the left, parking lot is immediately after you get to the building. When you get an chance check out the location.


The Western Maryland Chapter - ASM will be at the Appalachian Festival at Frostburg University on September 18, 2021. 

The Chapter will be manning an information booth. Come by and visit and participate in spreading the word of archeology in our region.  


Spring Symposium presentations available on-line

On April 17, 2021 ASM's Spring Symposium was held on-line.  If you missed the symposium, these excellent presentations were recorded and are now available for viewing.

To view, click the following link:



Fort Hunter Manson Excavation

By Kurt Carr & Janet Johnson
Presented by the State Museum of Pennsylvania

This webinar examines the results of a 15 year public archaeology program for students and volunteers from 2006 to 2020. Fort Hunter was a small supply fort built in 1757 during the French & Indian War. It is located on the east shore of the Susquehanna River north of present day Harrisburg, PA. The fort was manned by local militia in support of the large British garrison of Fort Augusta to the north.

To view, click on:



Excavations at Ashby’s Fort

We had a very successful dig at Ashby’s Fort from May 7 to 21.
Under the direction of Dr. Steven McBride, members of the Chapter along with other volunteers put in a series of trenches throughout the backyard of David & Shirley Pyles
in search of the NW Bastion of the Fort.  On the last day the northern tip of the bastion was located only a few feet from the house foundation.  Most of the eastern side of the
bastion was destroyed by the house, but the western wall mirrored the SW & SE bastions. Dr. McBride was very pleased with the results of the excavation. He now knows the full size of the fort.


Virtual Workshops in Archeology

Do you have a feeling something is just missing?

Have a hunger for a lecture on an archeological site?

Well here is an opportunity to view five presentations on interesting Maryland sites. 

Maryland Historic Trust and the Archeological Society of Maryland had to cancel the March 28th 2020 scheduled event due to the pandemic, they have since put together a video virtual Workshops in Archeology that you can now access on your computer in comfort of your own home.

The following five lectures will be available for viewing over the next several months.

Priestly Plantation: What We Know(and Want to Find Out) About the Archeology of Jesuit Sites in Maryland  by Laura Masur, Assistant Professor of Anthropology,the Catholic University of America

A bleak, barren sand beach”: Recent Investigations at Point Lookout Light Station  by Rob Wanner, Archeologist and GIS Technician with EAC/Archaeology. Inc

Cobble Reduction and Tool Production from the Late Archaic through Late Woodland at the Elkridge Site 
   by Bob Wall, Lecturer in Anthropology, Towson University

The once great plantation is now but a wilderness”: Archeological Research at the Josiah Henson Site   by Cassandra Michaud, senior Archeologist, Montgomery Parks (M-NCPPC)

Archeology at the Cloverfields Site
   by Zachary Andrews, Crew Chief, Applied Archaeology and History Associates,      

To view these reports go to https:/mht.maryland.gov and on the right hand side of their homepage under NEWS click on “2020 Virtual Workshops in Archeology” and you are there!

                              OR - Click Here to go there direct ! 

A Special Note From Chapter President, Roy Brown:
                    Greetings from the Pandemic

    Hope all are doing well during these strange times.

    We have a new meeting place when meetings resume. The LaVale Library has been closed for renovations for some time. When Chapter meetings start up again we will be meeting at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Hall, 211 S. Lee Street in Cumberland.   (click link above for web directions and map)

    Directions:   From I68 westbound take exit 43A, Beall St. bear right and the Fellowship is the first building on the right. Entrance to the parking lot is immediately before you get to the building. From I68 eastbound take exit 43A, Johnson St., bear left. At traffic light turn left onto Greene St. Go 2 blocks to the next traffic light and turn left onto S. Lee St. In the second block the fellowship will be on the left, parking lot is immediately after you get to the building. When you get an opportunity check out the location.

    During June and July Brent Chippendale and I have be re-barking the Rocky Gap Wigwam. In 2015 Francis Bridges, Brent and I constructed an Eastern Woodland wigwam at the Park's group camping area next to the Aviary. 

Over the past 5 summers it has served as a focal point for youth programs on Native American Lifeways. Those programs have been very successful and when they return we will have a newly barked wigwam in which to hold them. When you have a chance drive out and visit it.

    At the beginning of 2020 there was much to look forward to; interesting speakers, fieldwork at various sites, our continuing education of the public on the importance of archeology. Let's hope in 2021 we can all get together again.

Roy Brown
President WMD Chapter ASM

                                                                                                     For more information, contact the Chapter
January  begins the new Membership year.
Membership Dues for 2021:    
       ******Note: Dues have been suspended for 2021 due to the pandemic******
Dues: $12-Individuals/Whole Family, $5-Individual Students
Make checks payable to WMDASM.
Memberships may be mailed to the Secretary/Treasurer:
Krista Morris
514 Riehl Ave
Cumberland, MD 21502

(Please include EMAIL, so that we may send your newsletter electronically

rather than postal mail, to reduce postage cost.)


Meeting Cancellations:

Meeting cancellations will be announced on

WCBC 1270 AM, by email or you may call Chapter members when in doubt.


For more information, contact the Chapter


The Western Maryland Chapter of the Archeological Society of Maryland was established to educate and encourage amateur archeologists by conducting field sessions, weekend digs and hosting guest speakers on a wide range of archeological topics. Projects such as the excavation of the Late Woodland sites in Cresaptown and Barton's in Allegany County and Sang Run in Garrett County have created a growing interest in our local cultural resources.