FAQ for WMCB 107.9 Low Power FM Radio
Frequently Asked Questions

What is WMCB Low-power FM Radio in Greenfield, Massachusetts?

WMCB is a community radio station operated by volunteers.   We broadcast via 100 watt transmitter to the greater downtown Greenfield area on 107.9 FM from Noon to Midnight every day.

When does WMCB FM go live?

We began broadcasting live in May 2008. Yay!

How do I get Involved?

email wmcbfm@gmail.com, contact the station, donate money, participate in underwriting or fund raising. We need to repay 12,000 dollars borrowed to purchase equipment.  We need your help. 

What are your hours of operation? AKA, why only from Noon to Midnight?

Part of our FCC agreement was to share half of our broadcast day with Living Waters Assembly of God in Greenfield MA. Living Waters operates from Midnight to Noon.

Who runs WMCB?

WMCB is a collaborative effort made up of volunteers with the kind assistance of Greenfield Community Television. WMCB's current director is Drew Hutchison. WMCB operates under the guidance of the GCTV's Board of Directors.

WMCB's antenna location was the result of generous assistance from Sandri Oil Company in Greenfield MA.

Who receives the broadcast?

This depends on proximity to our antenna, located near the corner of Silver and Chapman Streets, and your geographical position with regards to mountains and other obstacles to radio signals. Most people in the town of Greenfield should be able to receive  WMCB, as well as some residents of the surrounding towns.

Where can I get a copy of the Handook or Training Manual?



Why is you music selection so gosh darned good?

We feature a lot of local artists spun by local DJs. The Pioneer Valley has the best music scene in the country. Therefore our music is the best.

How can I find out more about Low Power FM Radio?

Every community needs an LPFM station! Check out these links:

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