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McAfee has been one of the trusted antivirus software models for users. It holds a wide diversity of domains, where it can provide data security services in hospitals, banks, schools, small businesses, families, etc. The security algorithms and codes assess the security profile of the user's machine and accordingly monitors it from time to time. If the antivirus senses any malicious entry, it renders alert signals to the user about the intrusion of digital attack. Hence, it tries to secure the system and create a backup to prevent any vital data loss that has crucial information. To explore various products developed under the flagship of McAfee, go to the link

McAfee Products

Any user can avail of the McAfee products to prevent threats from the incoming malware, including virus, spyware, adware, ransomware, etc. One can purchase McAfee products on the basis of the number of devices on which the product is used and the period. McAfee products offer real-time monitoring as well as scheduled scanning of the entire system or partial files that are important for the users. Hence, all the McAfee products ensure hassle-free use of the systems by keeping threats away. A user can select any of the following McAfee products for their system's usage:

  1. McAfee Advanced Threat Defense
  2. McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention for Desktop
  3. McAfee Network Security Platform
  4. McAfee Vulnerability Manager for Databases
  5. McAfee Data Application Control
  6. McAfee Managed Detection and Response
  7. McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange
  8. McAfee Total Protection for Data Loss Prevention
  9. McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service
  10. McAfee VirusScan Enterprise

Create Account McAfee

A McAfee account helps a lot in the downloading, installation, activation, and query resolution steps. One can say that it is the stepping stone to avail of any of the products or services from McAfee. Thus, the McAfee account delivers the hassle-free use of McAfee security solutions. To sign up or create a new account with McAfee, follow the steps given below:

  1. Tap on any of the user's choice web browsers on the system. Go to the browser's address bar and enter the link on the address bar section to go to the McAfee account creation webpage.
  2. Search the "Go to My Account" section and click on it to proceed further on the web page. Tap on the "Register Now" option adjacent to the sign-in option to initiate the signup.
  3. Enter the details like name, email address, password, etc., to move ahead.

The user can use the registered email address for future purposes. If the user has purchased the McAfee product online, this registered email address will receive the activation code.

Downloading McAfee Antivirus

After the user selects and purchases any McAfee product, the user needs to download the same to run it on the computer or laptop. Before downloading the product, the user must look for the parameters, including the network's stability, download speed, etc. Then, the user must follow the chronological order to accomplish the download of the McAfee product setup file:

  1. Start the system to launch a web browser to initiate the downloading process.
  2. When the browser opens on the screen, go to the top and tap on the address bar, and enter After pressing Enter or clicking on the search button, it will direct the user to a McAfee webpage.
  3. Go to the "My Account" section and tap on it to provide the McAfee login credentials like email address and password, given during McAfee account creation.
  4. After the successful login in the McAfee portal, the user should select the purchased product that needs to be downloaded into the machine and click on the "Download" button.
  5. Next, a license agreement appears on the screen that the user has to accept after reading the clauses mentioned above. Once the user gets satisfaction with the policies and agreement's terms, click on the "I Agree" button.
  6. Another download popup window appears on the system's screen, where the user has to enter the location or place where the McAfee setup file will store.

Installing McAfee Antivirus

Once the McAfee setup file completes the download process, the next set of instructions is associated with the installation process. But, prior to the installation, a user must check the minimum requirements for the corresponding platform. Also, in the presence of previously installed versions of McAfee products, one needs to have MCPR tools to delete all such versions so that they may not affect the working of the newly downloaded McAfee product. To install the McAfee antivirus, one has to execute the set of instructions:

  1. Search and select the setup file for the McAfee product downloaded from
  2. Double-click on the setup file to initiate the installation launcher window. Next, accomplish the steps to proceed further when prompted. Enter the location where the McAfee antivirus software, along with it troubleshoot and other files, will get stored.
  3. Tap on the "Install" button. A license agreement pops up on the system's screen, which the user has to accept by clicking on the "I Agree" button.
  4. After the installation process finishes, reboot the computer or laptop.

Activating McAfee Antivirus

McAfee delivers an activation code to the user via retail card, in case of offline purchase, or email, in case of online purchase. Without activation, a user won't be able to use the McAfee antivirus software application, even after its installation. Hence, it is essential to activate the same. To initiate the activation process, a user needs to follow the set of steps given below:

  1. Find the McAfee application by going to the specific location given during the time of McAfee setup installation. Double-click on the application icon to start the McAfee security solution activation window.
  2. Enter the login credentials to log in to the McAfee web portal after visiting the link in the web browser.
  3. Enter the preferred language and country of origin after entering the registered email address and password.
  4. Click on the "Submit" button and verify the details given to finish the remaining steps related to the McAfee antivirus software's activation process.

Disclaimer : We Are Not McAfee, this website is purely for Information Purpose. We only train you on How to Install, Setup and for Activation process