"Revive & Thrive!"


This radio station is a voice for the Kingdom of God. We like to think of this station as "Jesus Radio", "Revival Radio", and "Holy Spirit Radio." we are committed to stirring the hearts of our listeners with the anointing that comes from above.

WLNL has been in operation as a Christian radio station in New York's Central Southern Tier since January of 1988. WLNL is a "daytimer" station operating according to FCC regulations, meaning we are on the air from dawn to dusk (our broadcast day is longer in the summer and shorter in the winter). Broadcasting at 5,000 watts at peak power on clear channel AM 1000 we are able to our programming over radio waves for about 60 miles is all directions.

The station is operated by a team of volunteers who appreciate the opportunity to affect our local area with the timeless truths of God's Word, the Holy Bible, the wonderful love of Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Mission - WLNL’s mission is to use its media power, broadcast facilities, personnel and community influence serve the community at large with a special emphasis on the Christian community.

Ministry - Reaching Central Southern New York and Central Northern Pennsylvania with a Voice for Truth and Revival!

Trinity Media, Ltd. - TML is a not-for-profit corporation under the laws of New York State and has been granted tax exemption status of 501(c)3 by the United States Internal Revenue Service. WLNL is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission. WLNL and TML are affiliates of Love Aflame! Worldwide.