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Meeting Notes

May 24th, 2011

posted May 24, 2011, 11:18 AM by Nova Das   [ updated May 24, 2011, 11:57 AM ]

  1. Activity
  2. Class Shirts
    1. Advertising
    2. $10 (cash or check addressed to WLHS)
    3. See Mrs. Sweitzer for shirts
  3. June 14th hang-out
    1. Cedar Lane park
    3. Bring whatever just to chill (volleyballs, soccer, lacrosse, blankets, etc.)
    4. Music
      1. Talk to Eileen & Jessica if you have suggestions
      2. Portable Speakers (?)
  4. End of the Year party!! (June 7th, 2011)
    1. Assign snacks
    2. Assign drinks
    3. Ideas for activities

Orioles Game Tickets

posted Apr 17, 2011, 1:50 PM by WLHS High School   [ updated May 24, 2011, 11:31 AM by Nova Das ]

Everyone in class council is required to sell at least 5 tickets!!! Get selling over spring break!! Remember tickets are $13!!

Minutes from April 5, 2011

posted Apr 8, 2011, 6:12 PM by WLHS High School

Minutes for April 5, 2011

       I.            Game-Card game

a)     Discuss favorite Rita’s flavor

b)    Favorite movie

c)     Favorite weekend pastime


     II.            Chick-Fil-A Video

a)     Working out technical problems, on the air Thursday, April 6


  III.            Chick-Fil-A

a)     BANNER

                                                        i.            Shaelyn, Wengiel, Sarah Hulit

b)    Fundraising

                                                        i.            Contest rules

·        Only one nugget allowed in your mouth at a time, no handfuls

·        All teams facing another team

·        Whoever has the fastest time wins

                                                      ii.            Shirts for the winning team

c)     Activities

                                                        i.            Prizes

·        Shirts go in the basket

·        Rita’s basket/ Gift Cards- Eileen has gift cards

·        Trophies-Yasmin

·        Candy/ Five below items-Jessica Smith

·        ??Subway Gift Card??

·        ??Itunes Gift Card??

·        Movie free admission- maybe Ellah???

                                                      ii.            Team sign-ups by Tuesday, April 12

d)    Communications

                                                        i.            Give out a copy of rules when the team gives their money and when they get to Chick-Fil-A

                                                      ii.            Flyers passed out Tuesday, April 12 and Wednesday, April 13

                                                    iii.            Class council members will be timers

                                                   iv.            Faries is the Head judge of the contest



  IV.            Orioles Game

a)     HANG POSTER!!!!!!!

b)    Start selling to people and collecting money. Then give it to Sweitzer and she will give you the tickets

c)     Order forms are outside of Sweitzer’s room

d)    Start selling now to friends, family members, or neighbors

e)     Communications

                                                        i.            Wrote announcement for O’s game

                                                      ii.            Tickets are $13

                                                    iii.            Every class council member is REQUIRED to sell at least five tickets

·        The top seller will get a $10 Rita’s gift card


    V.            Committee Wrap-Ups

a)     Fundraising/Activities

                                                        i.            Made the rules for the contest

                                                      ii.            Gathered Prizes

b)    Communications

                                                        i.            Wrote Orioles game announcement

                                                      ii.            Banner will be made on Wednesday, April 6


  VI.            Next meeting will be April 26,2011


VII.            Open Agenda

a)     Snacks-Lauren Comeaux and Shaelyn Cavanaugh


Meeting of April 5th, 2011

posted Apr 5, 2011, 11:16 AM by Nova Das   [ updated Apr 5, 2011, 11:29 AM ]

  1. Activity
  2. Chick-Fil-A
    1. April 13th
    2. Video out by April 1st, 2011
    3. Banner -- come TOMORROW right after school
  3. O's Game
    1. Selling Tickets @ Lunch
    3. Make a banner
  4. Committee Talk
  5. V.P. Reports
  6. Sponsors Say
  7. Open Agenda
    1. Snacks

Minutes for March 21, 2011

posted Apr 2, 2011, 6:37 AM by Tj Mallo   [ updated Apr 2, 2011, 6:38 AM ]

Minutes for March 21, 2011

       I.            Game

a)     Two Truths and a Lie

b)    Share who had the best lie


    II.            Chik Fil A

a)     Monica made a script with storyboards for the commercial

b)    Recording has to be finished by March 29

c)     Film between March 29 and April 1, 2011

d)    New actors- Ellah Ipah and Katrina Hodge

e)     Fundraising

                                                        i.            Lauren Comeaux and Eileen Mee advertise for nugget eating contest

                                                      ii.            Get other Wilde Lake sports teams to participate such as Lacrosse or Baseball

                                                    iii.            Contest information sheet is to be passed out during lunch- talk to Eileen

f)      Communications

                                                        i.            Chik Fil A announcement- March 23

·        Writing the announcement today March 22

                                                      ii.            Chik Fil A Night- April 13, 2011- 20% of the proceeds go to Wilde Lake

·        5-8pm- Contest at 6:30

                                                    iii.            $100 for half a page for advertising in the Pawprint or $20 if Mr. Townsend to do a column to say what happens for the class of 2014

g)     Activities

                                                        i.            Monica made the flyer for Chik Fil A

                                                      ii.            Recruit people

·        Talk to the sports teams- Lacrosse, Track, Baseball

                                                    iii.            Anyone can compete

                                                   iv.            Prizes

·        Basket- Candy, Mini Trophies, Sashes (Selena gets this), Spiritwear

·        Rita’s Basket- $10 gift card and stuffed animal

h)    Possible teams

                                                        i.            Teacher Teams

·        Pennington, Erickson, Swietzer

·        Williams, Faries, Brennen

·        Lipira, Vople, Plateua

                                                      ii.            Students

·        Tommy, Pierson, Joe


 III.            Orioles Game

a)     Shaelyn made a flyer



 IV.            Open Agenda

a)     Puffy paint shirts for the Chik Fil A nugget eating contest –potential prize for the winning team

b)    Possible teams


Meeting of 3/8/2011

posted Mar 10, 2011, 6:11 PM by Tj Mallo

Minutes for March 8, 2011


       I.            Pep Rally- next Friday- March 18

a)    Student vs. Teacher basketball game

b)    Helps to build school spirit

c)     Will be held in the gym

d)   Jessica Smith already wrote an announcement

e)    Two people who played on the Wilde Lake basketball teams are allowed to play on the student team

    II.            Things to do for the pep rally

a)    Communications

                                                        i.            Get teams to sign-up for the game- T.J is spreading the word

                                                     ii.            Make a commercial- Script: Monica and Novella- Actor volunteers: Monica, Jessica S., Eileen, Selena, Melissa, and Lauren

                                                   iii.            Make a big banner to hang – Next Tuesday, March 15

b)    Fundraising

                                                        i.            Advertise

                                                     ii.            Permission form: must be eligible

                                                   iii.            Teams: mixed genders, one team per grade

 III.            Committees

a)    Change committees

b)    Explain more about the committees

 IV.            Trash Clean up- March 26

a)    Tell friends/parents

    V.            Chik-Fil-A Night

a)    Communications

                                                        i.            Get teams to sign up

                                                     ii.            Shaelyn- make flyer

                                                   iii.            Everyone will pass out flyers in advisory and/or lunch

                                                   iv.            Commercial: actors or script?

                                                     v.            Banner

                                                   vi.            Form: information- $21 and email address or way of contact

b)    Fundraising

                                                        i.            Collect $21 per team



c)     Activities

                                                        i.            Prizes

·        Anything can be used

·        See if parents work could supply anything

·        Ask around the school for prizes

·        Gift Cards- Selena

·        Movie Tickets- Melissa

·        Put all of it in a basket- Monica

·        Maybe a trophy for the winning team- Yasmin

·        Candy- Charlotte

·        WLHS spirit wear

 VI.            Orioles Game- May 21

a)    Tell parents and friends

b)    Selling tickets at lunch

c)     Get poster approved by Mr. Eldridge

VII.            Sign-up

a)    T.J made an online sign-up- member sign-ups

VIII.            Open Agenda

a)    Spirit week or day?


Meeting of 2/24/11

posted Mar 8, 2011, 1:53 PM by Tj Mallo   [ updated Mar 8, 2011, 1:58 PM ]

There is an attached file with the notes.

Class of 2014

Tuesday, February 24, 2011

Minutes from the Meeting

                       Introductions of Officers

                       Ellah Ipah-President

                       Eileen Mee-VP Fundraising

                       Jessica Smith-VP Activities

                       Shaelyn Cavanaugh-VP Communications

                       Jessica Hubert-Secretary/Historian

                       Grayson Corbett-Secretary/Historian



                       Prom tickets

                       Restaurant nights

                       Raise money for activities


                       Class trips

                       Plan school dances

                       Spirit weeks


                       Pawprint column/flyer



                       Three Brothers-Restaurant Night- March 1st 4pm-10pm

                       Hang flyers in the hallways today Feb.24

                       Explanation of the calendar

                       Orioles Game- Baseball Night- May 21st 4:05 game

                       Chik Fil A Night- week of April 11th-Food court in the Columbia Mall- students will get a sip saying they’re from Wilde Lake

                       Committee sign-ups

                       What do you want to do?



                       Social event for the whole class

                       More activities, trips

                       Get more people to join class council

                       Keep up the emails/communication/spread the word

                       Could have a facebook group or page

                       Could have a text chain encouraging people to join

                       Talking Wand/Stick so there are no interjections of interruptions

                       Everyone invite new people- at meetings don’t just stick with your friends but include everyone

                       Get in involved in more groups

                       Make class council fun

                       Open Agenda

                       T.J Mallo has web design-website

                       The three committees have their own sidebar of information

                       The calendar

                       Could have a lemonade stand/car wash in the summer

                       Extra Meetings/meetings

                       Committees meet during regular class council meetings

                       Longer meetings during homecoming week

                       Committees can have extra meetings- set by the VP of the committee

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