CAE Original Articles

Are Bowling Green Gasoline Prices Unusually High?
Dr. Brian Goff, Director of the CAE, brings U.S. and Kentucky data to bear on this topic of local discussion

Kentucky's Fiscal Crisis

Dr. Brian Strow and Dr. Claudia Strow survey the precarious position in terms of overall debt burden and unfunded pension liabilities.  Dr. Strow holds the BBT Chair in Capitalism and Dr. Claudia Strow has published in labor and family economics.  Both are graduates of Vanderbilt. 

Dr. David Zimmer, summarizes the recent federal health care legislation in an easy-to-digest, Q&A format. Dr. Zimmer has widely published in the area of health care economics and former staff member for the Federal Trade Commission.

Kentucky & Its Neighbors
Dr. Steve Lile and Dr. Brian Goff compare Kentucky's economic growth to that of its neighbors and examine factors that have contributed to its relatively sluggish growth.  The article draws from their ongoing research matching states with their closest "twin."

Developing Economic Development: Just the Facts
Dr. Brian Goff surveys the last decade of data-oriented research on factors promoting and detracting from local growth.  Both background economic forces and policy influences are discussed.  Dr. Goff is widely published in the field of political economy.

Spotlight on Bowling Green
CAE graduate assistants Stephanie Davis and Zach Timpe profile the Bowling Green economy.

KY Downs Economic Impact Study

Assessing the economic impact of adding video terminals at Kentucky Downs on Simpson County and South Central Kentucky.

External Data & Articles

Fed 8th District (St. Louis Region) Overview
Economic Conditions in Ohio & Mississippi Valley areas including Central Kentucky for Q1 in 2011.

Fed 6th District (Atlanta Region) Overview
Economic conditions in the Southeast

A National Overview for 2011
The St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank released this brief  overview discussing inflation and financial expectations according to the St. Louis Fed's Financial Stress Index (STLFSI).

FAQ on Dealing with Foreclosure Risk
Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank economists answer common questions surrounding foreclosure risk.

Recessions & Entrepreneurship
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond considers whether hard times spur invention

Practicing Economic Development in a New Era
Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank economists provide a 
Q&A complimenting the CAE article above.

Federal Funds, Tax Increase Help Owensboro Shore Up Its Economy
St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank spotlights Ownensboro's burgeoning economy.


About CAE 

The WKU CAE is an outreach of the WKU Department of Economics and Gordon Ford College of Business.  It serves as an economic information access point for Bowling Green and South Central Kentucky, provides a bridge between technical research in economics and the local community on relevant topics, provides fee-based studies, and engages graduate students in applied analysis.

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Dr. Brian Goff
CAE Director and Distinguished University Professor
Department of Economics/Gordon Ford College of Business
Western Kentucky University

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