Scroll Checkout

Assignment of and tracking scroll production - There is no entity responsible for assigning and/or tracking scroll production, and/or ownership of the former College’s scroll database.

The West Kingdom College of Scribes - dissolved in A.S. L. The obligation of the College to complete any scrolls was retired when the Crown dissolved the College.

West Kingdom Company of Scriveners and Limners (Scribal Guild) -  It is not within the Charter of the new Scribal Guild to complete the backlog scrolls. However, the Guild is acting as the guardians of the list; helping to guide award and peerage recipients and artists together.

The Western Scribal Database - previously referred to as the backlog scroll list is now available for public viewing below. The list may not be up-to-date and is user-maintained only.

  1. To view assigned work, select the tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet labeled "Scribal Data", (the page may take a minute to load).
  2. To check a scroll out to work on or update a current assignment, use the link "Open Western Scribal Database".  
    • If you do not plan on doing both the illumination and calligraphy, before taking on a project, please team up with another scribe so the two of you produce one scroll. 

Western Scribal Database