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FAQ on the Dissolution of the College of Scribes

posted Oct 13, 2009, 12:58 AM by Claire Knudsen-Latta   [ updated Apr 12, 2019, 5:19 PM by Carolyn Carney ]

Why was the College dissolved?

The College was chartered specifically to create scrolls for armigerous awards granted by Western royalty.  Collectively, the members of the College have struggled for decades to live up to this obligation, devoting their time, talent and materials to do so.  However, we were NEVER been able to stay ahead of the demand while producing the quality that we want to - there just aren't enough of us to keep up, and it had become an impossible, and often thankless, task.

Why are other Kingdoms able to deliver scrolls and avoid a backlog?  Couldn't we do that here?

It's true that many other Kingdoms don't have the burden of a backlog.  Many of the Western Chancellors over many years researched the practices and culture of these other Kingdoms, and even tried to implement some of them in the West with limited or no success.

Does this mean I will need to pay for my scroll?  I thought that was against Kingdom law?

It is possible that you will find an artist who works for free, but it is likely that you will need to pay or barter them, just as you would likely pay any other kind of artist.  It is true that the College did not allow its members to accept compensation for official assignments - that was because the work was considered a gift from the Royalty to the recipient (in fact, delivering on those "gifts" was the reason the College was formed in the first place).  The premise of this royal gift is being retired with the College.

I requested my scroll and it was on the backlog waiting for a scribe.  What happened to my request?

The obligation of the College to complete any scrolls was retired when the Crown dissolved the College.  It is not within the Charter of the new Scribal Guild to complete the backlog scrolls. That said, the Guild is honored to be the guardians of the list and to help guide award and peerage recipients and artists together. Additionally, there are several individual scribal artists who have volunteered to continue work on the current backlog of requested scrolls, though they cannot commit to a completion date for all that work. 

How do I know if my scroll is currently in the backlog?

Click on the (Scroll Checkout) link on the left navigation bar for the list.

What if my scroll was on the backlog and was assigned to a scribe, but they haven't completed it?

We assume that all the assignments a scribe volunteers for are done in good faith, with the intention of completing the work.  That said, life happens to everyone, and an artist may no longer be able to complete that commitment.  You should check with the scribe who currently has responsibility for your scroll to determine whether s/he is able to complete it.  If s/he is still planning on completing it, you will need to wait for them to finish, or make other, private arrangements.  If not, you may contract with a new scribe of your choice. A list of active scribes can be found by clicking on the (Find A Scrivner or Limner) link on the left navigation bar.

What if my scroll isn't in the current backlog?  What if I get an award in the future and want a scroll done?

If you would like a scroll made that is not already covered by the current backlog, the process is similar to any other art that you might want to be made (like jewelry, clothing, armor, etc):  you should ask around for an artist who takes commissions (paid or not) and make arrangements privately with them to create your art. A list of active scribes can be found by clicking on the (Find A Scrivner or Limner) link on the left navigation bar.

If I am in charge of arranging my own scroll, who deals with the signatures and seals?

It is up to you to decide whether your scroll will include signatures and/or seals and to arrange with the Royalty and/or Heralds for them to be obtained.  Keep in mind that if you do want official signatures and/or seals, you should be aware of what requirements the Royalty and/or Heralds may have, so you can have them incorporated into the art. To determine their requirements, you will need to contact the Royalty and the Heralds directly. For more information on what has historically been required, please see the "Suggested Content" section of the General Policies of the West Kingdom Company of Scriveners and Limners