General Policies

(Revised April 2010, A.S. XLIV by Danaë FitzRoberts aka Hobbit) 
(Revised October 2016, A.S. LI by Cynehild Cynesigesdohtor) 

1. Definition of a Scroll 
i) A scroll is a record documenting the actions of the Crown or Coronet in bestowing an award. In some cases, scrolls may, but are not required to, also document the results of the heraldic registration process.
2. Scroll Assignment 
i) It is the obligation of either the granting royalty or award recipient to arrange for a scroll to be produced. This arrangement is between the two parties as individuals and may include money in exchange for a scribe’s services.
3. Suggested Content 
i) The West Kingdom Company of Scriveners and Limners does not require content to be included in a scroll, however the royalty signing the scroll may. Scribes are encouraged to work with the royalty prior to a scroll’s production to ensure the royalty will sign the finished product.
ii) As a guideline, it is useful, but not required, to include the following information:
(1) The names of the granting Royalty;
(2) The Realm of the granting Royalty;
(3) The name of the recipient;
(4) The award being given;
(5) The date of the award;
(6) Space for Royal signatures; and
(7) Space for a Royal seal.
iii) Additionally, if the recipient would like their arms on the scroll, it may also include:
(1) The registered blazon and/or emblazon;
(2) Space for a Herald’s signature; and
(3) Space for a Herald’s seal. If you plan to seek a herald’s signature, you are encouraged to work with the appropriate herald (Stellanordica for Oertha, Sable Swan for Cynagua, Seawolf for the Mists, and Vesper for Kingdom) to ensure that your final product will be acceptable for signature.