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A.C. Fox-Davies. Edited by J. P. Brooke-Little, Norroy and Ulster King of Arms A Compleat Guide to Heraldry Also known as the 'medium' Fox-Davies. This is an abridged version of "The Art of Heraldry". While a very good book, its style is Victorian. 0-517-46893-X Heraldry 
Bruce Draconarius of Mistholm & Akagawa Yoshio A Pictorial Dictionary of Heraldry, As Used in the Society for Creative Anachronism  Heraldry 
Margaret Shepard Borders for Calligraphy: How to Design a Decorated Page (Revised and Expanded) A very good basic book in which even advanced students may find new insights. Great tips and insights into materials, sources, calligraphy, layout, ornament, gold leaf, illumination, and borders. One small caution is to beware of the modern techniques and style. 0-02-029560-X Design, Layout, and Technique 
Eva Wilson Celtic and Early Medieval Designs from Britain: for Artists and Craftspeople Designs taken from objects, manuscripts, monuments and buildings created in Britain from the 5th to the 14th centuries. Experienced scribes may benefit from this volume. 0-486-25340-6 Design, Layout, and Technique 
George Bain Celtic Art: The Methods of Construction Lavishly illustrated with line drawings and photographs. More than simply pictures, this book explains what has been the lost methods of constructing celtic art. This book is perhaps the single cause for the vast improvement in the SCA's reproduction of celtic art. For it's price, easily the best book on the subject. Not much is covered on layout. If you ever plan on doing Celtic Art you should read this book. Highly recommended for beginners. 0-486-22923 Design, Layout, and Technique 
Aidan Meehan Celtic Design: A Beginner's Manual The Celtic Design series covers all basics except layout. See also the other two books in the series (below). Highly recommended for beginners. 0-500-27629-3 Design, Layout, and Technique 
Aidan Meehan Celtic Design: Animal Patterns This book focuses on zoomorphics or animal patterns. Highly recommended for beginners. 0-500-27630-7 Design, Layout, and Technique 
Cennino d'Andrea Cennini. Trans. by Daniel V. Thompson Jr. Craftsman's Handbook, The: "Il Libro dell' Arte" An English translation of "Il Libro dell' Arter," the famous 15th century Florentine training manual for painting. Recommended for advanced illuminators. 0-486-20054-X Design, Layout, and Technique 
Giulia Bologna Illuminated Manuscripts  1-555-84275-5 Illumination and Painting 
J.J.G. Alexander Italian Renaissance Illuminations Good selection of 15th C. Italian illumination. 0-8076-0863-7 Illumination and Painting 
Marc Drogin Medieval Calligraphy: Its History and Techniques THE book on medieval Calligraphy. 0-486-26142-5 Calligraphy and Lettering 
Arthur Charles Fox-Davies The Art of Heraldry Just about all anyone needs to draw heraldry. Highly recommended. 0-906223-34-2 Heraldry 
Paul Shaw The Black Letter Primer A good basic source for Black Letter (aka 'Gothic') calligraphy. 0-8008-0810-X Calligraphy and Lettering 
John Hartman The Book of Hours  0-517-36944-3 Illumination and Painting 
Ed Heather Child The Calligrapher's Handbook All about tools, materials and binding - excellent technical reference. 0-8008-1198-4 Calligraphy and Lettering 
Miram Stribley The Calligraphy Source Book Calligraphic hands from Roman through Copperplate. Wonderful color pictures. 0-89471-468-6 Calligraphy and Lettering 
J.J.G. Alexander The Decorated Letter A reference overview of decorated letters drawn from European sources from the fourth to the fifteenth century. Suitable for beginners. 0-8076-0895-5 Design, Layout, and Technique 
Marcel Thomas The Golden Age: Manuscript Painting at the Time of Jean, Duke of Berry Reproductions of manuscript paintings in the period c. 1340-1416. 0-8076-0923-4 Illumination and Painting 
Marcel Thomas The Grand Hours of Jean de Barry Fantastic (and huge) 15th C. Book of Hours. Incredible marginalia. 0-8076-0613-8 Illumination and Painting 
Millard Meiss and Marcel Thomas The Rohan Hours Netherlandish Book of Hours from the 14th Century. 0-8076-0690-1 Illumination and Painting 
Lognon, Cazelles & Nigel The Trés Riches Heures of Jean, Duke of Berry Widely available in paperback with 139 color plates. 0-8076-1220-0 Illumination and Painting 
Millard Meiss and Edith W. Kirsch The Viscounti Hours Late 14th century Italian Book of Hours - incredible! Highly recommended. 0-8076-0651-0 Illumination and Painting 
Edward Johnston Writing, Illuminating & Lettering Don't let the title put you off. Most books that try to cover this much material generally fall short. This one does an excellent job and more than covers all bases. Put this one on the shelf next to Drogin's. Both of these books could keep you busy for several years. A few black & white photographs, mostly artist renderings. 0-8008-8731-X Calligraphy and Lettering 
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