About the West Kingdom Company of Scrivners and Limners

The West Kingdom Company of Scriveners and Limners is here to produce and encourage the art of calligraphy and illumination in the Kingdom of the West.  The Company, sometimes called the guild, replaced the College of Scribes in A.S. 50.  More information about that can be found here.  The goal of the Company is to encourage, teach, and study calligraphy, illumination, and the myriad of other skills that go into the production of scrolls.

The Guildmaster is the head of the Company.  They are responsible for overall coordination of guild activities and encouraging scribal arts throughout the kingdom. The Guildmaster is a Good Person who deserves nice words and cookies. The 1389 Norfolk Guild Returns provide for “maystres and kepers of þe gyld.” In modern English “masters and keepers of the guild.”

Under the Guildmaster are the Wardens. Wardens are responsible coordinating activity within their regions (Far West, the Marches, Oertha, Cynagua, and the Mists).  The Wardens are also Good People and also deserve nice words and cookies.  The 1389 London Guild Returns provide that “Vche ȝer þer schul four wardeines be chosen to reule þe fraternite & to ordeine it & redresse it.” In modern English, “Each year there shall be chosen four wardens to rule the fraternity and to order it and correct it.”

The Beadles also come under the direct authority of the Guildmaster, but are not responsible for a region.  Instead, they are responsible for various specific tasks, like maintaining the website.  According to the 1418 Ordinances of the Grocers' Company of London, “The Bedel schall haue for hys trauayle..v marc a ȝer, a Gown, mete and drynk.” In modern English, “The Beadle shall have for his work, five marks a year, a gown, food, and drink.”  Learned interpreters read this to mean that beadles get cookies too.

The Fellows are the members of the Company.  Fellows are Wonderful People who put in a lot of time to both perfect and perform their craft.  Fellows deserve many cookies. The 1425 Constitutions of Masonry state that, “Withynne the craft, Uchon sculle calle other felows by cuthe.” In modern English, “Within the craft, each shall courteously call the other Fellow.”

All members of the Company may bear the Company’s badge, sable, an inkwell or.

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