Grub2 playground

This grub2_playground.tar.bz2 allows to create a bootable loopback 20Mb image , with gfx bootmenu . When booted from qemu
1 boot linux 2.6.24-squashfs-lzma-aufs with initramfs and a static busybox to play with
2 "test" turns on grub2_console for command line grub playground .

This tarball includes a modified F Piat's script ; and some additional files (font_pff stolen bg.png from Colin D Bennet author of Grub GUI menu.
It can only work on grub-svn-revision1725 (20080724) ; later svn gets segFaults on grub-setup the diskimg .!

After uncompress the tarball :
get_svn20080724 downloads the svntree ,compiles then executes to create the loopback image "dsk" and installs grub into it

qemu dsk boots the dsk

have fun