wj Howto  


0 Run dd-wrt in qemu

1 Learn grub2 with the grub2_playground

2 Learn grub2-internal grub-console

3 Learn grub2-internal rescue-disk

4 Learn grub2-internal The rescue mode

5 These are L Kundrak's patches at least for "qemu -s" just fitted to grub-svn (due mainly to changed genmk.rb ;I am unable to adjust the prot_mode part !)


grub2-r1742 till r2050-elfgdb.patch , grub2-r2236 till -r2250-elfgdb.patch , grub2-r2260 till r2281-elfgdb.patch , grub2-r2300 till r2340-elfgdb.patch

6 Typing vietnamese characters in some linux distros

7 Playing with coreboot_payloads

8 Playing grub2 with loalGrub from bazaar_trunk ( 9-2011 )