The Links to Know
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  • Online resources for fishes 


Fish database of Taiwan

Catalog of Fishes

Fish Barcode of Life Initiative (FISH-BOL)

Cypriniformes Tree of Life (CToL)

  • General biodiversity

Encyclopedia of Life

Tree of life web project

Global Biodiversity Information Facility

Taiwan Biodiversity Information Facility


  • Genetic & genomic database

Genbank & NCBI (Entrer here)

Blast search against


Complete genomes for model systems


The Zebrafish Model Organism Database (Zfin)

  • Phylogenetic & populations genetics tools

Links to phylogenetic programs

Link to RAxML Web-Server

Link to Cyberinfrastructure for Phylogenetic Research (CIPRES) Home / Portal

Link to CBSU Web Computing Interface at Cornell University

Links to biological programs by Institute of Pasteur

GenePop on the web

Software developed by Evolutionary Biology group of Oxford university

Link to Andrew Rambaut's page

Running MUSCLE (and other multiple alignment programs) via this web

On-line tool for primer design - Primer 3

Some other genetic On-line tools (link)

  • Scientific societies that I participate(d)

Evolution (SSE)

Society of Systematic Biologists

French Society of Ichthyology (SFI)

American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists



    -News & Media

The Liberty Times [自由時報] (Chinese)

台灣海外網 (Chinese)

Taipei Times (English)

Taiwan Mag - le portail d'informations de Taiwan (French)

Taiwan Public Television [公共電視] (TBS) 

Radio Taiwan International (EnglishFrenchChinese)

Da-Hwa news, new Taiwan go go, etc. on YouTube.


妙子的故鄉翦影 (Chinese)

  • France

    -News & Media

Courrier International (French)

Le Monde (French)

Info en vidéo

TV5 (French)

France 24

TF1 (French)

Radio France (French)

忠道的巴黎小站 (Chinese)

打狗旅行社法國辦事處 (Chinese)

  • USA

全美台灣同鄉會 Taiwanese Association of America

Taiwanese American

WEB PAGES of my friends and family

  • Biologist
Sébastien Lavoué (Ichthyologist)

Susana Schönhuth (Ichthyologist)

井上潤 (Jun Inoue) (Mol. Evol. biologist)

斉藤憲治 (Kenji Saitoh) (Geneticist)
Céline Clabaut (Evolutionary Biologist)
Walter Salzburger (Evolutionary Biologist)
Marta Barluenga (Evolutionary Biologist)
Cyril Dutech (Phytopathologist)
Philippe Callac (Mycologist) 
嚴宏洋 (Hong Young Yan(Fish physiologist) 
蔡孟勳 (Biotechnologist)

  • Other scientist

張翠玉 (Tsui-Yu Chang) (Geophysicist / Seismologist)

張中白 (Geologist)

  • Family
Li-Hua Chen (Designer)
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Encyclopedia - 





































National Anthem of Taiwan - 台灣翠青