dreckig OS

Dreckig OS is my project to make an operating system.
It is copywrited under the GNU GPL v3.
Dreckig is written in 80x86 assembly language by me.
It's uses a megalithic kernel architecture:

Here is a more detailed diagram of the kernel architecture of Dreckig:

All processes are run in the kernel, making this model very fast.
Currently it is run in real mode and completely non-portable.
Dreckig also has a rudimentary form of multitasking through the swap command.
When run swap changes the display pages on the graphics card, saves the registers from the page you are leaving and loads the set of saved registers from the page you are going to.
This allows for back-assward multitasking.
Here are some screenshots of Dreckig:
I am currently seeking people to test out Dreckig.
If you are interested then download Dreckig, try it out and look at the code.
Send me your thoughts on it.
It is available for download here: