The old kingdom of Waati always stayed independent from other powers. Once a small piece of land, it conquered one by one surrounding kingdoms and achieved to a greater status, even disputing to Cynodea the title of empire. Even now, it’s still an awesome power but is shattered by the desert expansion. The capital of Waati is the city of Dhaat, known for the large use of metal in its architecture and sculpture, and its sanctuary of the Perfection, a naturally perfectly cubic rock of the size of a hill, where pilgrims come to seek their Inner truth. Climate is very hot, sunny and wet in the south, dry and desert in the west, and still warm in the north swamps.

Waati peoples are black-colored humans, elves and gnomes. They are supporters of a rather abstract and philosophical Law church, named the Way of the Inner Truth, which considers Wisdom, Honor, Justice and Peace as his four pillars, and asks his members to be generous and refuse all from of greediness. But chaos cults are spreading under various and discrete ways, like the very reclusive “Cult of the Outer Darkness” or the “Crones”, a sect of witches. For religious inscription, Waatin use a runic alphabet. Ermits are a common form of religious life and may be found in the wilderness as well as near some cities.

The land is ruled by a council of advisors, once all wizards, but now filled of rich landowners and merchants from the capital, living richly from the tributes of the conquered kingdoms and cities and studying a little magic as an hobby. The strange Wizard Arkamzidryl is probably the most powerful member of this council, but he takes most of his time in his magical research and poetry writings. The council helps elect the queen or king and helps him to rule the land. In ancient times, these rulers had military powers and were victorious generals, but the habit to elect weak and young kings and queens now prevails, ensuring more power to the council members. Like in most of the continents, a lot of the council members are women, human, elves or gnomes.

The Waatin gnomes are desert dwellers. Black-skinned, they wear long robes and turban to protect themselves from the harsh sun. They long time ago masteries the magic of the sandships; communities of travelling merchant gnomes using sandships in the desert still exists and plays an important role in the trade with the lands surrounding the desert.

Chameleon-men from the south jungles, which are more and more commons in the towns, creating their own business with success. They got their own kingdom lying in the jungles, a dangerous forest were harpies are not the worst threat. The Craze mountains are inhabited by dwarves communities, who mines and trades gems. This is also the home of the rock-folks.

Small goblins hunting bands are common in the wilderness and sometimes very close to the city walls, but their relationship with other peoples are generally good, as they trade furs and skins. Undeads critters like ghouls dwell the necropolis, while rumors of more powerful undead in the north swamps, including vampires, have spread, even if the most clear threat are rather ogre warbands. Some scholars suggest, in reason of the large number of animated statues and akin creatures, that the ancient and vanished Mekanes race could have ruled Waati in a remote time.