The twin realms

The twin realms

The small kingdoms of Friedreich and Sylvanheim are known as the twin realms, as the got common origins even if they fight each others. They have been build by Melrosian crusaders from the north kingdom of Eridan. Then, they turned to the Wylenian schism with the same enthusiasm they had when they leave their former paganism to convert to the Melrosian church. Even if they share a common faith, they keep fighting themselves continuously. Currently, the perspective of a marriage between the son of the Friedreich king and the daughter of the Sylvanhiam king could lead to the merge of the tow kingdoms, but plots and intrigues could ruin this project, the main opponent to this project being the Friedreich King’s minister.

Most of the realms are forest hills and bogs, while only the land surrounding towns being cultivated. The bogs and swamp areas are populated by lizardfolks, while goblinoids tribes, including Thorgrins, and human Berserkers, are common in the woods. Owlbears are also more common than everywhere else. Sylvanheim takes his name of these forests as well as of the claimed elfin heritage of their kings. North to the kingdoms is a mountain range, where is the Horn, a famous volcano said to be the horn of a demon and currently, the lair of a dangerous wizard named Veilor, who has spawns in both kingdom and take care about keeping them weak.


Frostchimney was a small trading post, protected by a castle held by human and goblin mercenaries paid by the local merchant guild. It keeps its independence toward the twin kingdom, using a lot of diplomacy and wealth to keep the balance between them.

Frostchimney is known as the city of gooses, because this bird is on its blazon, and inhabitants are proud of this, joking a lot about it. With the rush for iron mines, then the installation of a Wylenian Matriarch instead of the former melrosian one in the cathedral, it has turned to a big commercial city. Its streets are a rather dirty and dangerous, tavern brawls and burglars being common. Its main activity is metallurgy, because of iron mines nearby, so it is often smoky and noisy. Hangerton, the current guildmaster, is also namely the town ruler, but, being very superstitious, he felt under seers and charlatans influence. It was suggested he could have been replaced by a doppelganger, but this is just a rumor of his enemies.

The Wylenian schism

Quickly after the crusaders discovered the East lands, theological debates started among their clerics on many issues, as the relative nature of Law and Chaos. Wylen, a wise and highly cultivated nun of the Melrosian order, who was said to have an elfin heritage, took interest into eastern religion and studied it seriously, in contrary of the intolerance of her brothers and sisters. After a few years of wandering through the continent to study in temples and shrines, she begin to propose a reform of the Melrosian church of Eternal Truth. Her main idea was that there was only one thing which never change, “the One who Stand for Eternity”, and all others things were moving around. This doctrine was condemned as ultimately chaotic and Wylen was soon excommunicated. She withdraws in the north, where she had partisans, and build her own religion, commonly called the Wylenian church.

Now, she’s very old but her elf blood helped her to stay alive and active in her sanctuary of the Mystic Bells, on the rocky Island of Ardence. She’s turned the journey to meet her in the sanctuary into a ritual by itself, with proofs and trials, served by partisans of many races, including humans, orcs and even troglodytes, as well as numerous gargoyles, and answers to question about the “the One who Stand for Eternity” only to those who succeed to prove their faith.

Wylenian have the same hierarchy and rites than the Melrosian, but looks rather as a mimickry as they quickly turned to an open polytheist worship of chaos deities as ‘saints’. They allow the use of any weapons for clerics, removed all morale barriers and interdictions and, most of all, encourage the study of wizardry, something the Melrosian despise. Crusaders now consider Wylenian as a most dangerous threats than any pagans, as they suspect them to have hidden cells everywhere and that ““the One who Stand for Eternity” could really be the demon P’taler, which they depict as a furry twisted-human creature.