The land of the dark elves is a mosaic of principalities and landscapes, where jungles and grass plains alternates between sea and desert. The so-called Dark elves are pale skinned, with dark or red hair and blue eyes. They just consider themselves as Elves and don’t like to be called like this, but return the name of Pale elves to their cousins of the west continent. Dark elves have long time be nomads and some desert tribes are still horse wanderers, but most of them live in beautiful and decadent cities.

They were very fierce, warlike and fond of high sorcery, but the abuse of hallucinatory wines and chaos cults lead them to the current situation. The current society relie mostly on the use of humans and other races slaves. The status of slave in Merahasiaka is rather good in villages, as they’re members of the family and participates to gardening, which is the major resource of the land. In town, it’s more variable, as it scales from the harsh job of worker in the platinum mines, mostly for condemned slaves, to high-skilled and riches slaves. Some of them are even rich merchants, acting in the name of priests or warriors: the cast society of Merahasiaka don’t allows these to directly runs affairs, but this has turned to be a major source of profit for them.

Merahasiakan towns are wonderful places, with thousands of colors, spicy and flowery scents, temples of palace made of precious woods and metals, statues of platinum and walls of roses, obelisques and giant statues. Elephants, horse and pets panthers are common in the aristocracy, as well as snakes for commoners – a snake in a house is like a cat, both a family pet, a good spirit and a mouse hunter. The full cities are build in the jungle, so trees and gardens fill the city as much as the long platform house.

The father of the Dark elves and the most worshipped god is Elisha. He’s depicted as a wise, old long beaded elf, but also under the traits of a serpent, as he’s also the god of reptiles; these creatures, including snakes, lizards and turtles, are considered to be good spirits and elves never harm them unnecessary. He created Umartalan, the guardian naga who protects the temples. Elisha’s worshippers are defiant of the Panther sisters. Most elves and even slaves worship this good, tolerant and peaceful god, whose temples may be found in any village throughout the land. Most of them are towers made entirely of wood, but some shrines are also highly carven caves. His symbol is the sand rose and his priests, which study his wisdom by reading, observing stars and gardening, are called Siswas. They live in communities under the rule of an Elder, which teach them the rites and old knowledge’s. There are numerous ways to worship him, but the Way of Silence is considered to be the hardest, but the mightiest of them. Wandering siswas, trues or fakes, are common in Merahasiaka, as people feed them in reward of prayers and blessings. Pilgrimage to the Gray Peak, where Elisha is supposed to appear to his worshippers, is very important.
Another very popular god, mostly among towns resident, is Soma, the god of wine. He’s depicted as a very fat sitting man, with a very smiling face. He got a few temples, but his statue may be found in any tavern and places, as a protection. Human slaves and freemen venerates him as much, if not more, as elves. Some scholars says he was a Cynodean deity and it’s true his statues may be found almost anywhere in the continent.

As ancient times Cynodeans, Dark elves also venerates a triad of deities, the Panther sisters, but these are chaotic. These three females, generally depicted together as black panther-women, are Karelë, Solorë and Trilë. Karelë is the sneaky deity of stealth, thieves and spiders. Solorë, the red-haired, is the mischievous deity of illusions and tricks. Trilë, the warrior, is the goddess of dragon. She’s and is sometimes represented on statues and paintings, as riding a black opal dragon. Elves’s followers of theses deities are fanatic stealthy warriors, always wearing black suits with panthers ears, and trained as thugs. Most of them are females, though it’s not a requirement. The priests are known as Rahibs and are greatly honored – and feared. Only the chaotic nature of these cults, which creates many divisions and rivalries among temples, still prevent it to become a major threat, although they use their skills against the progress of the Law trough the continent.

The land is very grren and flowery almost all the year, as climate is tropical. Gardening is the major economy, so there are few difference between cultivated lands and jungles. In these, along with spiders, snakes and big cats, some wild orcs and goblins tribes, most of them being cannibals or head-hunters, also dwell the jungles. Some green dragons have been reported in the most remote parts of the jungles, one of them being rumored to be the prince of a lost kingdom. But the most dangerous jungle tribes are the minotaurs, who still lives in their former cities, when they were a prosperous civilization long, long time ago.