Queendom of Malka

Malka is another queendom, next to Caliburn. The current queen is Karoun, as she was crowned with the Tiara and received the queen sword four years later from the hand of the Patriarch. She’s the daughter of the former Queen and a Crusader leader, and was raised in the Melrosian religion. Melrosian is the national religion, but the locals have different views, customs and even theological differences with the Crusaders, as they claim they worshipped the Law since centuries and consider St-Melrose was one of them.
Actually, the tomb of St-Melrose is in Stylhos, the queendom greater port and capital, as well as many important relics. Arikian is the current Patriarch of Stylhos; this old man, living in poverty, has a great influence on the Queendom politics and alliances. Current alliances favorize Ostrakon and Caliburn, as well as Harven. The Malkan light cavalry have been an ally of the Crusaders in many fights.

On the seashore, the land is hilly, the climate dry and warm; the rest of the land is mainly a mountain wilderness. Dwarves, Goblins and Gnolls are common dwellers of the mountains. In the villages, people still speak a Cynodean dialect very close to the ancient classical language. Chameleon-men merchants are not uncommon in the towns.

In Sthylos, a powerful thieves’ guild, known as the Ayduks, is led by two women, Never and Zartar. A very smart woman, Never reigns on the capital nights and feasts, when Zartar manages audacious smuggling operations. The Ayduks claims to be supporters of the oppressed people, attacks only tax collectors and wealthy merchants, and pay attention to never kill innocent people.

Dilsizian, the queen’s uncle, is a feared necromancer. He’s got many bastards, as he’s known for his virility, for such an old man. He created many strange creatures and made researches about golems and gargoyles. This fits the incredible number of living statues and other stone creatures which dwell the countless Cynodean ruins – along as Shadows, another plea of the land. His daughter, Anahide, a famous knight and fortress holder, is said to plot for the crown, allying dangerously with Chaos. In support of her claim, she descend, by her mother, from the Queen Dzovinar, who lived a century earlier. She also secretly masterise the Tiger beast-cult. Sdepan, baron of Trashûl, is Queen Karoun best ally against her cousin’s plots.