Kudala is a small country surrounded by the Storm mountains, the Avaddon forest and the Airheath range. Its capital is Kudala, which given its name to the land. The country is known as the Diamond land, as its rocks and rivers are full of mica. Under sunlight, it gloves from crystalline bright. Its soil is very fertile, vegetation luxurious, flowery and exotic, climate is warm and sunny. Fauna is rich and somewhat strange, with six-legged rats and decapods. It was long time ago the southern part of the principality of Harven, but was raided by dragons. With a pact with these creatures, the Diamond dynasty gained power and claimed independency. Now, Lady Fyre Diamond is the lone ruler of Kudala.


Genre separation is very strong in Kudala. Women lead the society and the army. No Kudalan, both men and women, would trust that somebody who’s unable to give birth could be able to rule a country, a business or even a family, and more at all, to defend herself. Kudalan considers that the feebleness of surrounding states is due to the male power. In the capital, young unmarried men are not even allowed to go outside from their home without their mother, or a women relative. Only Lady Diamond slaves do so, but they’re the lower cast of society. Her powerful personal guard and army are reserved to females.

Slavery is allowed and common in Kudala. Farming, mining (marble and gems) and woodcarving (oak and exotic woods) are important economical activities, as Kudala is a very rich country, even if its old haunted marble palaces crumbles in ruins everywhere. A tribe of dwarves, known as Branderian dwarves, is very active in this business. They once had mines in Airheath ranges, but were battled by dragons and other creatures, so they live in towns and hills. They also produce a strong alcohol, which has hallucinatory effects to all non-dwarves. The two main families are Bozon and Xyrom clans. Halflings are also very common in Kudala, mainly in the town of Sirf and dark-haired elves are not to uncommon in Kudala.


The main Kudalan deity is Spartecia. She’s depicted as strong, courageous, beautiful warrior wielding a dragonmade blade, as she was raised by dragons as a child. She firmly fights against knights from other lands and against beast-cults. Lady Diamond pretends to a descendant of Spartecia and considers her pact with the dragons as a heritage from her divine ancestor. The cult is neutral and strongly linked to fire element. Lady Diamond herself is chaotic, but enforces a strict law – as many chaotic leaders.

Among villagers and semi-nomadic tribesmen, the savage Bear cult is most common, but is hidden because of its secret ceremonies and practices. It’s a shamanic (and perhaps lycanthropic) beast cult. Women are priests, but men are allowed to join and even to become cult’s berserks. It has a secrete cult mistress, a beautiful young girl named Aaliyah.

Two other deities are very popular, even if they got no organized church and few clerics: Zapomon and his daughter Lamdora. Zapomon is widower old man, with a very creative and humorous mind, travelling the lands disguised as a wandering artisan. Lamdora is a deity of healing and plants, and protects houses from evil spirits.


As Kudala was part of Harven, it’s still officially designed as Barony of Kudala in this country. The baron’s heir, Cassanderos familiy, continues to claim it as their land and plots against Lady Diamond. They recently took contacts with the Melrosian crusaders, searching for support against this land, pretending its pact with dragons is a proof of their affiliation to Chaos. Lady Diamond received the support of her neighbours, the Treedale princes, who fear these sectarian knights desire of conquest.

Lady Diamond favourite husband has been killed in her harem recently. She accuses everybody, notably the Cassanderos, and sends inquirers everywhere, but rumours she could be the real killer have spread. She worries a lot about Thrander, a young, but powerful cleric who travel the land and helps people, raising a secret society of followers. She suspect’s (and she’s right) he’s a Cassanderos. Thrander is not the ascetic prophet style: he like strong alcohol, luxury, jokes and explains people that Chaos is the only true freedom.

Places of interest

Some towns should be noted for the beauty of their ruins and palaces. Gadhamurdaa is a miner’s town and a military citadel. The women soldiers have a very bad reputation, for their violence and rude manners. Tengara is a small town, with a well-known crop market. It’s Halfling feasts of flowers is a yearly very important event. Hathorha, the north town, is a place for horse breeding and iron forges. Hathorha is also the name of the smith god venerated tin this city. Next to the Treedale principality, is the almost independent town of Bazurg

Sirf is a Halfling town, next to the Fog marshes. Even if elves, dwarves and human dwell there as well, everything is adapted to small folks tall. Sirfers pay a tribute to Kudala four times a year, but have their own laws and customs. Slavery is forbidden there, so fleeing slaves generally come here, then attempt the dangerous journey through the Fog marshes to Harven. That’s why Kudalan army often patrols there.

Orcs, Hobgoblins, Goblins and Kobolds live in the surrounding mountains and often raids villages next of Bazurg. Three-headed trolls have been seen in the darkest places. The Fog marshes are known to be a place of wild magic, where no spells functions as expected. Avaddon forest was once a fairy place, but is now dwelled only by evil creatures and undead. Airheath mountains are very high and dangerous, with at least one dragon living there. Rumours of an evil wizard having a fortress in the Storm mountains have spread, but are still unverified.