The Queendom of Harven counts among the cutest places of the Borderlands. It’s a rich, warm and pleasant country, like an oasis threatened by the progression of the nearby desert. Since centuries, it has always been governed by women, as men are not considered to be subtle and strong-willed enough for such a task. Place of men in society evolved and now, few people really about the fact the famous Queen’s guard officer, Dravis, is only a man. Current queen is princess Sylve, a young unmarried girl, whose engagement with a foreign prince named Elias, from the famous Dragons Knight’s order.

Sylve is very popular, particularly among the big Halflings, dwarves and elves communities – the later because of her alleged fairy-bloodline. Her palace is a worldwide known marvel of architecture, painting, sculpture and all the fine arts. Tales about elflike spirits serving as Queen councilors and advisers are probably fairy tales, but he wisdom, for such a young girl, is very famous.

Long time ago, Harven was a larger land, but some parts were seized like Kudala, or lie under deserts sables. Anyway, it’s still a strongly independent and proud country, producing rice, mining and woodcarving. Its capital, which is named Harven as the Queendom, is a beautiful and happy sea port, probably the biggest city of the so-called Borderlands. Musicians, bards and harpers are welcome in town and can freely play in the various parks and gardens, hoping to be called for the famous palace’s balls.

It’s the only place where magic and alchemy can be freely studied, under the guidance of the palace Wizard, Master Jalapa and the Queen’s alchimist Bhatti. Even the thieve’s guild, led by Lady Khajuraho and her apprentice Earl, which is organized as a mimic of the court, with titles such as “Duchess of stealth”, is part of the light-hearth spirit of Harven.

Religions of all sorts are allowed, the queen herself sacrificing to the Queen of Winds, but bigotry and proselytism wasn’t part of Harven’s mind for a long time. Now, two cults at least battle for the spiritual leadership: the Lawful Melrosian church missionaries, that most people suspects to prepare no less than the invasion of Harven by Crusaders armies, and the chaotic sect of One-hundred eye’s Osrik.

Osrik is depicted as a sitting red man with a raised hand and one-hundred eyes throughout its body. He’s the God of seers, knowing all what happen at the same time. Wards, oculists and any people which has ties with eyes and watching, are traditionnaly his followers, but since the cult emerges, many more people can be cultists.

His followers travel with his statue on a canopy and attract new disciples by claiming Osrik have been changed into a star by foreign gods, but with their support and prayers will soon get back and save them. Foreign gods are never named, but suppositions it could be St-Melrose and the Crusaders gods have been discussed.

South Jungle orcs also pay attention to Osrik, as they claim he was their creator, “Orc” being an alteration of Osrik name – and the Eye always have been a symbol among orcs tribes. Their famous Queen, Pamalraso, a well-known member of the Wolf beast cult, offered the support of her wolf-warriors to the Osrik cultists, a great threat for the Queendom safety even if a peace treaty has been signed with the orcs.

The powerful Cassanderos family, a cousin-linage of princess Sylve, once barons of Kudala and still claiming to be, are now supporters of Osrik cult. Some members publicly participate to ceremonies. Some fear it could be a plot against the Queen, as Cassanderos complain about her lack of will to engage war with Kudala and conquer it again.

Apart of orcs tribes, south jungles are famous for their exotic, living plants and the abundance of Decapodes. These ten-tentacled tree climbers are not uncommon throughout the country, but this is the main place to capture one. Black bears, wolves and giant insects are common as well. Kobolds and Hobgoblins tribes also dwell the surrounding mountains.