When Melrosian crusaders arrived in the borderlands and seized part of the old and weak Cynodean Empire, they settled in some old fortress of the north border and raised the keep line, among which the most famous is Castel. The black skin-colored knights of the Republic of Yefilin, in the west continent, were among the crusades and choose Fortereni as their citadel. A few years later, it become a small but rich and know city, even with the threat of the small Eirephal’s empire on the other side of the Strident river.

Among Melrosian crusaders, Yefilin have a reputation of being the less fanatics and to be good traders and fond of fine arts. They turned the old fortress and the small village around into a small, but magnificient city. They’ve successful to gather local people to the Melrosian church, as unlike most Crusaders, Yefilin have a strong cult of saints, which are more attractive than the concept of Law. Among these saints, Saint-Gall gives its name to the local Cathedral. He was a black man, living in the early years of Yefilin republic and died by poison, giving his life to save his brothers and sisters from a deadly trap. He’s considered as an example of the self-sacrifice that any Melrosian should achieve in the name of faith. His depicted as a young, smiling man in light wears, and many legends makes him a swashbuckler and a rogue. That’s probably why its cult has been adopted by the local thieve’s guild as well.

The town’s power is divided between the Bishop and the Trade’s guild. The land is still poor, but this is probably the place the crusaders have been the more successful in curing and reactivating the old Cynodean canals in order to get a more fertile land. The biggest threat on Forteneri’s prosperity is the Eirephal’s empire.

Eirephal was a general of the Cynodean empire and his rumored to have been the queen’s lover years ago. When he fall in disgrace, he gets in the dependence of drugs and get almost mad. Adept of the chaos Lizard-God, a sect which disguised in one of the cynodean Beast cults to achieve its ways, he seized the north bank of Strident river, once a Cynodean land, with his armies of Lizard-cultists berserkers monks and hobgoblins guards, and declares independence of his own empire. In practice, he’s now totally mad and the real rulers of this so-called Empire are his hobgoblins officers. The crusader’s seize of Fortereni enraged him, both because he despise Law and because it creates a barer between his lands and the Cynodean empire he’s still planning to conquest. He’s still planning to conquest. He’s currently gathering a strong army, which could become a danger soon.