Castel was one a little keep in the borderlands, the nearest from the dreaded Cauldron of Chaos. Now, with the Melrosian order crusade, it has turn to a small city, the biggest of the keep line that protect the humankind kingdoms, and the only one being on the other side of the Strident river.

The land has probably been a civilized kingdom, as proves many ruins in the landscape. By the time of the Crusade, it was mainly populated by orcs and other tribes. The Melrosian, coming from the West continent, tried to change into a farmland. They’ve been successful enough to feed a small city, but under a constant military pressure from the humanoid tribes of the Cauldron of Chaos. Anyway, this is a symbol of their capacity to resist and firmly fight Chaos on its battleground. First Castel inhabitants came from the north continent, but with the time, some merchants and artisans from surrounding lands like Quasquetuk and Rodentia, which are linked by the Strident River.

The climate is warm in summer, but snow is not uncommon during winter as the land is high. Outside from the farmland, forests and hills are the main landscape, along with the dangerous swamps of the Strident river side. Lizardfolk villages are common there, although they’re not in bad relation with humans. In the wilderness, all humanoids are a common threat for humans, even with the crusaders Knights patrolling days and night.

The city of Castel surrounds the Keep. Its main buildings, like the Melrosian church and the Guild house, are even in the castle low court. The Keeper is the high lord of the land, but never claimed any other title, being a Melrosian Knight. The Guild organizes the economical life of the city, while the Church cares for spiritual protection. Being a Crusader city, the church is very active and powerful in everyday life. According to the Melrosian credo, it enforces the values of strict obedience to the Law, careful following of prayers, religious principles and knightly values. Its priests are somewhat paranoiacs and inquisitive, believing that Chaos could hide anywhere, so the Crusade is part of their daily fight.

The Melrosian church, which name itself the Church of Eternal Law, has no god as such, only the Law. Its theologians are very clear on that point, but common people prefer to pay attention to saints, angels and among them, St-Melrose of the Hammer, the Crusher of Chaos, rather to such a philosophical concept.

Other cults are not even publicly allowed in the city of Castel, even if foreigners can pray their own deities in private. The chaotic cults are strictly forbidden, and suspects ones like the Rodentian Rat-God worries a lot Melrosian Inquisitors. Outside of the Cauldron of Chaos, probably the most important religious place for Chaos in the East continent, it should be noted that the Deep of Unknown, north from Castel, is said to have been the place where Zelligan attained Godhood. The nature Lion cult also has some hermits living alone in the forests, very popular among the people, but hunted by Melrosian as heretics.