This land was the first the Melrosian crusaders invaded when they arrived on the East continent. They settled the kingdom of Caliburn and the warlord Estienne, son of the king of Languedogne, was elected as the first King of Caliburn. He established its capital in the Oasis of Qalm, famous for its sources and bathes. He also created the Dragon Knights order, as protectors of the realms. The Knights have a big political role, as they reelect the King each year, during a big festival held in Qalm.

Among other city of note, is Kursipul, knowed both for its old ridge on Shattargull river and its beautiful cathedral. The landscape of Calliburn is made of dry hills, as the desert is not so far. In the west are the Black mountains. Even if a lot of westerners settled in that land, most of the population is still of local origins and the relationship between both communities are not very good. Ancient landlords have been expelled, while their lands were given to westerners; locals, human and dwarves, are mostly poor peasants and artisans. This tension can lead to open struggle, riots and rebellion.

The Melrosian church is the only one allowed publicly. Locals are authorized to keep their faith, as long they don’t offence Melrosian by public ceremonies, temples and sacrifices. Most of them venerates Doodh, the lady of birth and war, being depicted as six-breasted woan nurturing the children of the earth with her milk while fighting the beastmen with her six scimitars – some scholars suppose she’s the same deity as the Cynodean Pallathene. But Osrik, the one-hundred eye God of Chaos, is also very popular among them, and its cults secretly grows as Crusaders considers it to be the most dangerous threat. A young cleric named Pathar is told to be the high priest of Osrik in Caliburn, but he’s very secret and reclusive, organizing his thugs to kill or capture Melrosian clerics. The beast cults, in favor in most of the continent, are not very important here outside of the borderlands nomads.

Orcs tribes, either giant ferret riders and spider-riders, live in the black mountains and are considered to be Osrik worshippers. But they’re not as feared as the so-called “hungry Halflings”, wild cannibals Halflings tribes of the desert.